What’s There to do in Metulla?

September 14th 2017

Metulla is so beautiful, so serene, so picturesque; you’d never know that it lies on the border of a volatile nation housing a terrorist regime. Fortunately for tourists, Metulla is situated within the Israeli borders and is perfectly safe to visit. Modern day Metulla is actually a well-off neighborhood and the ideal location for planning a day trip. So, get your adventure boots on, grab a bottle of water, and here’s what you’ll get from a day touring Metulla.

Hiking Along the River

A popular day trip around Metulla is the Nahal Ayun River hike. The area is mountainous, and the air is crisp (almost cool) in the spring and summer months, with solid grounds, and winding hills and mountain terrain. It’s really the perfect place to go exploring, hiking, and nature walking. You’ll find excellent views of the area and beautiful flora to photograph, and hiking alongside the Ayoun River makes the entire journey that much more pleasant. Many tourists enter the water for a refreshing splash at some point during their trek, as well.

Along this hike, you will pass through the pleasant valley of Ayun that’s also called the Finger of the Galilee and cross over to the Hula Valley, another one of Israel’s most delightful valleys. Between the hike, the flowers, and the waterfall, there’s no way an active outdoorsman can pass up this opportunity.

Canada Center

There are a lot of activity centers in Israel, but few can compare to the Canada Center. You would not believe the spectrum of sporting activities that are contained within this one complex. Don’t believe us? Just check out this list of options for both kids and adults:

Ice skating. This is Israel’s only Olympic-sized ice skating rink, and skaters of every skill level can enjoy this novel experience.

Swimming pools. Canada Center has both large, heated indoor swimming pools and jacuzzies to relax and rejuvenate.

Spa experiences

7D cinema, complete with moving chairs, special effects, and more

Bowling alley

Basketball courts

Shooting range

Ping pong and pool tables

Kids gymboree


Full gym facilities with interactive classes


And more! Get ready for a fun-filled day, no matter how old you are.

Dado Lookout

Don’t forget to visit the Dado Lookout for some amazing views of the area. You’ll see the fantastic Hula Valley from up high, the snow-tipped Mount Hermon, volcanic twins Avital and Bental, and Beaufort, an ancient Crusader Fortress.

Metulla is right near the neighborhoods of Safed and Kiryat Shmona, so you can also find some fun attractions or eat out there, too. Check out what else there is to do while you’re in the Golan.