Flying High in Tsfat, a Bar Mitzvah in style

February 8th 2011

Israel Bar Mitzvah BoyHaving your son’s bar mitzvah at the Western Wall is no doubt an unbelievable opportunity. But say you to wanted to be different, do something more out of the Israel ordinary… where would you go? What would you do?

Otzar HaStam of Tsfat has already got an answer for you, with a complete Bar Mitzvah package that will blow other bar mitzvah ideas out of the water. Or out of the air. Because we’re talking Tsfat here.

Tsfat, the mystical city 900 meters in the air, in the North of Israel. Home to the kabbalist of kabbalists, Rabbi Isaac Luria ( the Ari) from the late 1500’s. Tsfat, the place that breathes spiritual intensity and history. Liberated during the 1948 War of Independence, by the Hagganah just days before the Declaration.

Jerusalem is one of the four holiest cities in Israel, according to Jewish tradion. Each city corresponds to one of the four elements: air, fire, water, and earth. Tsfat is connected with the element of air. You breathe differently here.

So on your son’s bar mitzvah day, breathing in the crisp mountainous air of Tsfat, what would the day look like? Otsar HaStam has it all planned out to meticulous detail a day fit for a Jewish king. Even if the king only happens to be 5 feet tall.

Step 1- Have the ceremony at an ancient synagogue. Cantor and musicians provided. Guidance about different customs announced during ceremony if desired.

Step 2- A gourmet Galilee-style breakfast post-ceremony in courtyard, with scrumptious delicacies .

Step 3- Tour of the Old City of Tsfat. Visit synagogues, observation points. Meet sculptors, painters, and watch Tallit-weavers in action with their loom. Discussion of the meaning behind the bar mitzvah day incorporated into tour.
Step 4- Tour the multimillion dollar Ostar Hastam interactive center- a window to the world of Jewish scribes. Astounding 3D video presentations of various themes, including an interactive trivia game and video of The Making of a Torah
Step 5- Bar Mitzvah Lunch/dinner on deck overlooking breathtaking views of the Galilee and the Golan Heights

Step 6- Customize everything to your liking. Want to visit a goat cheese factory? Do a torch- lit hike through the forest? No problem!

But if you’re looking for a cheap place to offset any other Bar Mitzvah costs, there’s a safe, groovy hostel right near by- called Ascent. A cozy, remodeled half hotel/half hostel, you get opportunities to take your Jewish education to the next level with their schedule of daily classes and resource center full of knowledgeable staff members.

A bar mitzvah combining education, kabbalah, painters, ancient synagogues, breathtaking views, and cheap room and board….

Now THIS is what I call becoming a man in style!