“The BEST Tour Experience with Shalom Tours & Meni Tzabari”

August 21st 2016

Shalom Israel Tours is the BEST tour company you can book whether you are traveling solo like me or as a couple or family. Really, you do not need to look any further, this is such an amazing tour company; the personal touch and attention to detail is incredible. If you are lucky enough to have Meni Tzabari as your guide you will learn so much, as he is passionate about Israel and so generous with his knowledge of the history, agriculture, geography, and religion of the country. Request to have Meni as your tour guide if this is possible but I am confident that the company will take care of you and any of your specific requests. Meni kept the group laughing every day and continuously made sure each person in the group was doing OK and having a good experience.
Shalom Stark answered every email promptly and in detail and helped with every aspect of planning my trip.

People who joined our group from other tour companies were jealous of the special touches, unique places we visited, and all-around exemplary service we received as compared to their experiences. Our group was made up of wonderful people from all over the US and Meni had a gift of bringing us all together to laugh, share meals and experience the beauty of the country.

I have had an amazing experience that will last a lifetime. I am on my last day of the 15 day Heritage tour and wanted to offer my review while I am still here. Thank you Shalom Tours and Meni for an experience that was more than just a trip. Thank you to all my new friends on the tour for the good times, laughs, the sharing of some great meals, and always making me feel so happy that I took this trip!