Test your courage on Nesher Park’s suspension bridges

October 20th 2014

On the northern side of the Carmel Mountain is a hidden gem called Nesher Park, with two challenging but fun suspension bridges over a breathtaking lush green landscape. The park, not far from Haifa, is an excellent addition to your trip to Israel, especially if you are traveling with kids.

The forest at Nesher Park features oak, pine, carob, and terebinth trees. The park is large and contains picnic areas and playgrounds, but its main claim to fame are the hiking trails which lead to the suspended bridges. The bridges are 70 meters long and are made of wood and steel, so they shake when you walk across them. The bridges are suspended above Nahal Katia, a seasonable riverbed which is dry in the summer months. From the parking lot, it’s about a 15 minute walk to the bridges. The path is stroller friendly although the bridges themselves are less comfortable for strollers. You can cross and re-cross the bridge and return to your car, or complete the full one hour circular hike.

Note the menorah erected on the trail, named “Uri’s Way” in memory of Lieutenant Uri Binamo. Lt. Uri sacrificed his life to prevent a suicide bomber from leaving the city of Tulkarem and detonating in a crowded urban area. Uri ordered the bomber to remove his coat and for his fellow soldiers to take cover. The bomber detonated his bomb before removing the coat and Uri was killed. This took place on the fifth day of Chanukah, therefore his memory was honored by the erection of a large menorah in the nature park he enjoyed hiking during his lifetime.