Teen-friendly Fun for Bar and Bat Mitzvah Trips

December 11th 2013

When you bring your teen to Israel for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration experience, you’ll want to include a few just-for-fun activities to go along with the family celebration. This will keep all members of your group enjoying the entire experience, as you alternate between items on the itinerary that are meaningful, historical, spiritual and recreational. Here are some attractions that are sure to please the active teens in your group.

RopesCourse2Jerusalem Ropes Course – For groups of at least 12 participants, you can treat your Bar or Bat Mitzvah child and friends to a challenging ropes course. Safety is assured with helmets, harnesses and experienced guides. The complex offers two to three hours of group activities such as rope games, a zipline, rappelling, rope ladder climbing and acrobatic rope walking. A special activity honors the Bar or Bat Mitzvah child who is raised up on a chair of honor made from ropes.

Temple Mount Sifting Project Jerusalem TouringTemple Mount Antiquities Salvage Operation Between 1996 and 1999, some 350 truckloads of rubble were removed from the Temple Mount. This rubble has been found to contain many archeological treasures from Temple times. Visitors are invited to check out the sifting station at Emek Tzurim and hunt for treasures for a few hours. Groups are given a presentation and orientation then sent to the piles to reclaim ancient Jewish artifacts. As a bonus, the sifting station offers great views of Mount Scopus, the Jerusalem skyline and the Old City.

paintball3_bigPaintball If you’re looking for an action sport that will engage an active group of at least 10 participants, consider a war games simulation at one of several paintball centers in Israel. In this competition, the splat of a ball of paint marks a hit. Adapted paintball activities are available for kids aged 6 to 12, while full paintball events, including protective gear, are available from age 13. Allow two hours, including time for instruction and equipping all the players.

scavenger huntJerusalem Scavenger Hunt An educational and fun program, there’s a Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt especially designed for Bar and Bat Mitzvah groups. Using materials and following facilitators from the Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt organization, teams make their way through the streets of Jerusalem, racing against other teams while learning the story of Jerusalem and her people. Children from age 6 can be full participants. Ideal as an activity adults and teens can do together. Allow two hours.