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5 Poignant Memorials to Visit in Israel

February 25th 2019

Wherever you go in the world, memorials reflect the achievements, heroism, or tragedies that form the narrative of that land or culture. And this is no less the case than in Israel, where such terrible calamity and suffering is still within living memory. Poignant memorials are everywhere in this brave little country. From north to […]

Yad Vashem Survivor’s Art Collections

April 28th 2011

Yad Vashem Present Survivor’s Art Collections “Virtues of Memory: Six Decades of Holocaust Survivor’s Creativity” is one of the newest exhibitions recently opened at Yad Vashem, Israel’s famous and powerful Holocaust Memorial Museum. At this monumental event, unprecedented in its scope, are the works of close to 300 Holocaust survivors, including among them extremely prestigious […]

Mount Hertzl

April 27th 2011

Going into the mind of a visionary is always a fascinating ride. While traveling in Israel, be sure to find yourself on top of Mount Hertzl in Jerusalem. On those grounds is a military cemetery as well as the burial site of many great Israeli leaders including Yitzhak Rabin, Golda Meir, and the great visionary, Theodor Herzl. “If […]