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Doing Safed Right: What to do in the Holy City

July 28th 2017

Safed (aka Tzfat in Hebrew) is a well-known city for mysticism, exquisite art galleries, and some unusual characters. But, is this a tourist destination or just a waste of time? That depends on whether you enjoy culture, history, and beautiful architecture. If the answer to that question is yes, then you’re going to love Safed! […]

Touring Tzfat: The Mystical Capital of the World

September 6th 2016

Tzfat is one of the four holy cities in Israel, but after just a moment or two in this mystical place, you will already feel the spirituality that pulses through its very air. From ancient burial sites to some invigorating nature spots, here’s the low down on what’s what up in Tzfat. The Artists’ Quarter […]

3 Unforgettable Places for Enjoying Chanukah Candles in Israel

November 10th 2015

Chanukah is a special time in the Land of Israel. Darkness descends early this time year, but for eight nights in a row, Jewish homes all over Israel light Chanukah candles and, for a brief time, spread the light of rededication and divine inspiration. Even if you’ve been lighting Chanukah candles your whole life, Chanukah […]

Connecting with Heritage at Israel’s Four Holy Cities

May 6th 2015

Although Jerusalem is the center of spirituality in the Holy Land, the concept of Israel’s Four Holiest Cities came about in the mid-17th century, primarily as a way to jointly raise charity from Jewish communities overseas for the needy Jews of Israel. Judaism’s Four Holy Cities are Jerusalem in the center, Hebron to the south […]

Tzfat – Safed

January 10th 2015

In the Upper Galilee lies the mystical city of Tzfat – or Safed, as it is often spelled. Along with Hebron, Tiberias and Jerusalem, Tzfat is considered one of Israel’s four holiest cities to Jews. It’s been written that the Messiah will one day arise from Tzfat on his way to Jerusalem. Tzfat truly flourished […]

Ancient Tzfat Synagogues

January 2nd 2015

Nestled among the modern galleries and picturesque, terraced, limestone-lined alleyways of Tzfat are a number of historic synagogues that will help visitors touring Israel to connect to the indescribable mysticism of the holy city. The Ari Sephardic Synagogue is the oldest synagogue in Tzfat. During the 16th century, it was a favorite place of prayer […]

Tzfat Artists Quarter

July 21st 2013

It should come as no surprise that the mystical city of Tzfat, located high up in the mountains of the Galilee, is a magnet for Jewish artists and craftspeople. The ancient city’s kabalistic bent and picturesque environs have generated a bona fide hotbed for visual artists of all varieties, and visitors to Israel have been […]

International Klezmer Festival

May 25th 2011

Klezmer Music, ahhh…… breathe it in. In Tsfat, at the International Klezmer Festival, August 15-17. Three full days of Klezmeritis. Klezmer is the Jewish music that take us back to those past shtetl days, when vacationing in Israel was just a fantasy nestled in the minds and hearts of European Jewry. What happened to the […]

Tzfat Cemetary

March 22nd 2011

The Safed Cemetery is an important landmark in Safed’s rich history. Thousands of tombstones are lined one after the other along the slopes of Safed’s old city. The cemetery retells part of the city’s history and the inhabitants from 100 years back. Walking along the narrow paths, visitors will read off tombstone inscriptions of mystics […]

Flying High in Tsfat, a Bar Mitzvah in style

February 8th 2011

Having your son’s bar mitzvah at the Western Wall is no doubt an unbelievable opportunity. But say you to wanted to be different, do something more out of the Israel ordinary… where would you go? What would you do? Otzar HaStam of Tsfat has already got an answer for you, with a complete Bar Mitzvah […]

Tzfat & Meron Sites

September 13th 2010

TZFAT & MERON TOUR SITES Holy City of Tzfat (Safed) Tzfat Artists Quarter Ancient Synagogues Mount Meron

Holy City of Tzfat (Safed)

September 13th 2010

Tzfat is one of Israel’s four holy cities; it has been considered the spiritual center of Kabala (Jewish mysticism) since the 1600s. There are three major reasons why people visit Tzfat today – to explore the historic sites, to immerse oneself in the spiritual environment, and to go hiking or camping in the scenic, mountainous […]