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Interesting Historical Battlegrounds to Visit in Israel

January 30th 2019

Given Israel’s ancient history and location as a crossroads between three continents, it’s not surprising there have been many battles and wars fought on her soil. Wherever you go in Israel you’re never far from a significant historical battleground. Wars have been waged throughout the land right from before the time of King Saul and […]

Masada Mountain Ruins

January 8th 2015

An iconic destination which combines archeological discovery, breathtaking views of natural landscapes, Temple-era history lessons and insight into the timeless spirit of the Hebrew people, Masada is one of Israel’s must-see sites. The story of this attraction begins with the building of a fortress on a mountain-top in the Judean desert by Alexander Jannaeus in […]

New Museum at Masada

March 22nd 2011

Opened in 2007, here you can visit the new museum at Masada which showcases new archaeological finds found at the site. Named after the late professor from Hebrew University that led the expedition, the Yigael Yadin Masada Museum Gift of the Shuki Levy Foundation provides visitors with an innovative display of the finds located through […]

Beit She’an & Masada Night Light Shows – Awesome!

February 24th 2011

History is coming alive with bright lights and fantastic special effects.  With the advance of technology, be prepared to be dazzled (and educated) with the various night- time light shows being displayed across Israel. Starting with the Beit She ‘an National Park Light Show. The story of Beit She’an- Strategically located between the Jordan and Jezreel […]

AIDA on Masada

January 20th 2011

Because flying across the world to where it all began isn’t dramatic enough, the Israeli Opera brings you their awe-inspiring art form in two of the country’s most awe-inspiring places : in the Sultan’s Pool overlooking the Old City walls, and at the foot of the majestic and famous mountaintop of Masada. It’s all happening; […]

Challah Baking on Masada!

October 18th 2010

This is a seriously cool event for families and community groups alike.  Designed for Bat Mitzvah girls, we shlep an oven to the top of Masada via cable car. The Challah baking ceremony goes back thousands of years to the times of the first and second temple and has a special blessing for the occasion […]