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L’Chaim! Exploring Israel’s Finest Wineries & Breweries

September 2nd 2016

Judaism holds alcohol in high prominence, using it to elevate an ordinary event into a spiritual occasion. The Sabbath commences with a cup of wine, the holiday of Purim is marked by getting inebriated, and the marriage and brit ceremonies are celebrated over cups overflowing. Jews just enjoy a good drink. You don’t need a […]

Bible Lands Museum

February 20th 2015

Have you heard of the Canaanites, Egyptians, Hittites, Persians and Philistines but have little grasp of who they actually were or what their cultures were like? The Bible Lands Museum explores how the various peoples mentioned in the Bible, including the ancient Hebrews, actually lived. This may be the best place in the world to […]

Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum

January 13th 2015

Established in 1953, less than a decade after the Holocaust ended, Yad Vashem is considered the world center for documentation, research, education and commemoration of the Holocaust. For visitors to Israel, Yad Vashem’s engrossing Holocaust History Museum is the most significant of the institution’s vast Holocaust-related resources and is arguably Israel’s most important museum. This […]

Tzfat – Safed

January 10th 2015

In the Upper Galilee lies the mystical city of Tzfat – or Safed, as it is often spelled. Along with Hebron, Tiberias and Jerusalem, Tzfat is considered one of Israel’s four holiest cities to Jews. It’s been written that the Messiah will one day arise from Tzfat on his way to Jerusalem. Tzfat truly flourished […]

The Jewish Quarter

January 10th 2015

The Jewish Quarter The amount of Jewish history concentrated into the 14,000 square yards of Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter is simply astonishing. There is so much to see in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City, often referred to as simply “the Rova,” that it can easily take a few days to get one’s fill. Here […]

Ancient Tzfat Synagogues

January 2nd 2015

Nestled among the modern galleries and picturesque, terraced, limestone-lined alleyways of Tzfat are a number of historic synagogues that will help visitors touring Israel to connect to the indescribable mysticism of the holy city. The Ari Sephardic Synagogue is the oldest synagogue in Tzfat. During the 16th century, it was a favorite place of prayer […]

Genesis Land Camel Rides

January 2nd 2015

Biblical reenactments are good fun, but Genesis Land takes the experience to a new level. Meet a caravan of camels led by Eliezer, the servant of Abraham, on the way to the patriarch’s tent. Make the acquaintance of Joseph and his brothers mere minutes before the sibling rivals throw Joseph into the pit. Witness the […]

1967 War Ammunition Hill

January 2nd 2015

Ammunition Hill, called Givat HaTachmoshet in Hebrew, is located between two modern neighborhoods on the eastern side of Jerusalem. The site of fierce fighting during the 1967 Six Day War’s campaign to reunify Jerusalem, today Ammunition Hill serves as a memorial for all 181 Israeli soldiers who were killed during that conflict. Ammunition Hill itself […]

Tower of David Museum

January 1st 2015

An iconic structure and a must-visit Jerusalem attraction, the Tower of David Museum is located just inside the Jaffa Gate entrance to Jerusalem’s Old City. The museum aims to help its visitors better understand the 4,000 year-long history of Jerusalem and the significance of the Holy City to the world’s three major monotheistic religions. Located […]

Herodium National Park

December 30th 2014

Herodium National Park is home to the fortress of the ancient ruler Herod the Great. This fortress was constructed between 23 and 15 BCE. Located outside of Bethlehem, this park houses the tomb of Herod the Great. Visitors are able to take a tour of the park and view the ancient tomb, as well as […]

Ari Sephardic Synagogue

December 22nd 2014

In Tzfat, there are two synagogues named for Rabbi Isaac Luria, more commonly known as The Ari or The AriZal. The Sephardic Synagogue of the Ari is the oldest synagogue still standing in the mystical northern city. Built more than 700 years ago, in 1301, it was originally known as the Eliyahu HaNavi (Elijah the […]

Qumran National Park

December 1st 2014

At Qumran National Park, you can visit the ancient settlement of Qumran and walk among the ruins of the Essenes to gain a window into how and why they lived in the midst of the desert more than 2,000 years ago. Qumran National Park is located along the northwestern shore of the Dead Sea. The […]

Tiberias & Graves of the Sages

November 18th 2014

Situated on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee, Tiberias is one of the four Israeli cities holy to Judaism. As a result, number of important Jewish rabbinical figures are buried in this scenic and historic coastal town. Visiting the graves of righteous people who, during their lifetimes, spiritually uplifted the Jewish people is […]

Tomb of Honi Hame’agel

October 21st 2014

When visiting the tomb of Honi Hame’agel, Honi the circle drawer, you’ll be captivated by the story of a great sage in Israel to whom God listened and granted his multiple requests. Honi Hame’agel lived 2,100 years. One year, the Land of Israel experienced a terrible drought. Messengers were dispatched to Honi Hame’agel, requesting that […]

Tunisian Synagogue Akko

September 4th 2014

No one knows exactly how many synagogues exist in Israel. There are certainly thousands. Even tens of thousands. And if you visited every one of them, you would never find another like the Tunisian Synagogue, located in the coastal city of Akko (also spelled Acco and Acre) in northern Israel. In 1954, just a few […]

Maccabees’ Tombs

September 2nd 2014

More than 2,100 years ago, during the time of the First Holy Temple, a father and his five sons rose up against the ruling Syrian-Greeks who had outlawed the observance of Judaism throughout the Land of Israel. This family, along with the 6,000 followers who participated with them in guerilla warfare against the enemy, took […]

Synagogue of the Ramhal

August 29th 2014

There is a tradition in Judaism to refer to Torah scholars with a Hebrew acronym. Thus, Rabbi Moshe Haim Luzatto is more popularly known as The Ramhal. The Ramhal is best known for writing Mesillat Yesharim, an ethical and mystical work that remains in print and is studied until today. Although there are some scholars […]

Ne’ot Kedumim Biblical Park

August 22nd 2014

One of the distinctive aspects of touring Israel is the chance to connect in a personal way to the Biblical history of the Jewish people. Ne’ot Kedumim is described as a Biblical Landscape Reserve. What does that mean? Ne’ot Kedumim, which can be translated as “the pleasant habitations of old” was built to recreate the […]

Cave of Elijah

August 19th 2014

Elijah, known in Hebrew as Eliyahu haNavi, is arguably the most famous of the Biblical prophets. The Cave of Elijah is located on Mount Carmel in Haifa, just beneath the Stella Maris Carmelite Monastery. Access to the cave is from a stairway that begins off of Allenby Street in the lower section of Haifa. Mount […]

Benjamin’s Tomb

June 20th 2014

Benjamin was the youngest son of the Biblical patriarch Jacob and the Biblical matriarch Rachel. His tomb, called Kever Binyamin in Hebrew, is covered by a small building with a domed roof. Today, its location, on a small plot of land between two highways, is incongruous with its urban surroundings. Although many consider Binyamin’s burial […]