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Then & Now: Learning History Through the Eyes of Archeological Findings

September 16th 2016

As one of the oldest civilizations known to mankind, it’s not surprising that overturning nearly any rock in Israel will yield fascinating finds. From fresco fragments at the Tzipori National Park to the actual royal seal of King Hezekiah, Israel is a hot spot for archeological discoveries. If you marvel at the wonders of history […]

L’Chaim! Exploring Israel’s Finest Wineries & Breweries

September 2nd 2016

Judaism holds alcohol in high prominence, using it to elevate an ordinary event into a spiritual occasion. The Sabbath commences with a cup of wine, the holiday of Purim is marked by getting inebriated, and the marriage and brit ceremonies are celebrated over cups overflowing. Jews just enjoy a good drink. You don’t need a […]

Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt

June 2nd 2011

Grab your mission pack and search high and low for the real treasure of Jerusalem!

Ancient Cities of the Northern Coast

May 17th 2011

Experience the pearls of beauty that lie along Israel’s coast on this fantastic, fun-filled day tour!

Jerusalem Jewish Heritage

May 16th 2011

Discover the depths of your Jewish roots in this fascinating journey through history in the Holy City.

Masada & Dead Sea Tour

May 16th 2011

Climb to the highest heights of Masada and float in the lowest point on earth in the Dead Sea.

3 Day Tour – Negev Desert, Eilat & Petra

May 16th 2011

Witness the hidden gems found in Israel’s southernmost city of Eilat + Petra tour option!

3 Day Tour – Jewish Jerusalem & Ancient Masada

March 27th 2011

Join our fantastic 3 day mini-tour and explore ancient, new, desert, and the deep blue!

3 Day Jewish Tour – The Golan Heights & Tzfat

March 24th 2011

Embark on a 3 day journey of Northern Israel including ancient Caesara and Holy Tzfat!

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