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The Palmach Museum

March 3rd 2015

If members of your family balk at the idea of spending time in museums, the innovative Palmach Museum could completely change their minds. Along with the cutting-edge Herzl Museum and Menachem Begin Heritage Museum in Jerusalem, the Palmach Museum offers an immersive role play experience, designed to be experiential rather than passive. The Palmach Museum, […]

IDF Air Force Museum

January 5th 2015

If you find airplanes and military history captivating, or if you’re touring Israel with children, you won’t want to miss a visit to the Israeli Air Force Museum, devoted to the history of Israeli aviation. Located on the Hatzerim Air Force Base, just west of the Negev city of Beersheva, the museum houses a vast […]

1967 War Ammunition Hill

January 2nd 2015

Ammunition Hill, called Givat HaTachmoshet in Hebrew, is located between two modern neighborhoods on the eastern side of Jerusalem. The site of fierce fighting during the 1967 Six Day War’s campaign to reunify Jerusalem, today Ammunition Hill serves as a memorial for all 181 Israeli soldiers who were killed during that conflict. Ammunition Hill itself […]

Givati Brigade Museum

August 20th 2014

If you’re interested in military sites in general, or want to learn more about Israel’s crucial War of Independence of 1948, a visit to the Givati Brigade Museum should definitely be on your itinerary. Located between the cities of Ashdod and Kiriyat Gat in the western part of Israel, the museum, known in Hebrew as […]

Armored Corps Memorial Site

June 28th 2014

From slingshots to tanks, the area surrounding Yad L’Shiryon at Latrun has sure seen it’s share of military tools. Several Biblical and otherwise historic battles have been fought in the Ayalon Valley, the lowlands between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Joshua and Judah the Maccabi fought their enemies here. Crusaders and British Mandate forces established fortresses […]

IDF Tactical (Tourist) Training

March 17th 2011

All Israelis at 18 are expected to enroll in the army, including women (the Israeli army is the only army in the world with mandatory army service for women). And their mission is a special one- to protect and guard the Jewish People and their homeland so that it will continue to remain a strong, Jewish […]

IDF Wine Event with Daniel Rogov

January 31st 2011

On this past Thursday evening, attendees shuffled into The Great Synagogue, one of central Jerusalem’s largest synagogues. This building, modeled after the 1st and 2nd Temple’s, seats over 1,000 people, and was surely grand enough to host the evening’s noteworthy event. This elegant fundraiser was held in honor of one extraordinary group of members in […]

The IDF History Museum

December 2nd 2010

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) History Museum is a three-story museum exhibit that showcases the history and development of the IDF military forces from the British Mandate period before the creation of the state of Israel and its ensuing struggle from 1948 until today. Through the use of maps, photographs, and historical documents, the museum […]

Ha-Palmach Cave

December 2nd 2010

The Palmach (an acronym for the Hebrew words plugot macḥatz, meaning strike forces) was part of the Haganah, the underground Jewish army of pre-State Israel that later became part of the Israel Defense Forces. Establish in May 1941, the Palmach was the most prestigious fighting corps of the Haganah. Well-hidden in the midst of a […]

Mount Herzl National Cemetery

September 13th 2010

Israel’s national cemetery, Mt. Herzl is named for Theodor Herzl, the father of modern political Zionism, who is also buried there. Mt. Herzl is located in western Jerusalem, not far from Yad Vashem, Israel’s official memorial to the victims of the Holocaust. These two memorials make the area a poignant destination for all visitors to […]