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Check Out What to do in Herzliya

January 2nd 2018

Herzliya isn’t like most cities in our series on lesser-visited Israeli hotspots. It’s not here because people don’t know about it, but rather because Herzliya is so vast, people often get lost in the glitter and just give up their pursuit of tourism and entertainment. Luckily, we’ve sorted it all out for you and selected […]

Spotlight on Jerusalem: Mike’s Place

January 14th 2017

Tel Aviv is famous for its nightlife. And truth be told, if you’re looking for a wild and crazy party that’ll keep you moving till the sun comes out, Tel Aviv is your best choice. If you’re looking for something a little less…committed though, there are some great bars in Jerusalem that you can enjoy […]

Herzliya Museum of Art

September 10th 2014

Some art museums are all about passively viewing great, classical works of art. The Herzliya Museum of Art has a different vision. Its aim is to use art to engage the community. The Herzliya Museum of Art uses Israeli and international artists to cultivate a love for art in the next generation. One of the […]