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The Best Golan Itinerary for Fun, Thrills, & More

June 30th 2017

If you’ve been to Israel already a few times, no doubt you’ve traveled to the Golan Heights and the Galilee. A beautiful area for its scenery, hikes, and flora, this location is a must visit area. In case you’re bored of the typical Golan paths, we have a few lesser known wonders of the area […]

Rosh Hanikra Grottos & Cable Car

January 13th 2015

Next to the Western Galilee kibbutz of Rosh Hanikra, and close to the Lebanese border, a rare geological phenomenon has formed cavernous tunnels which open into natural caves in the Mediterranean Sea. At these famed grottoes of Rosh Hanikra, waves crash against the rocks and spray in the air in a majestic display of the […]

Mount Carmel

January 1st 2015

Mount Carmel, known in Hebrew as Har Carmel, is not a single mountain. Rather, it is a coastal mountain range located in the north of Israel. The mountain range is nearly five miles wide at its widest point. A number of important cities, including Haifa, Zichron Yaakov and the high-tech city of Yokneam are located […]

Banias Falls Nature Reserve

January 1st 2015

A tour of Israel’s picturesque Golan Heights would be incomplete without a stop to admire the thundering waters of the Banias Waterfall. The most impressive waterfall in Israel is located within the Banias Nature Reserve in the Upper Golan, between the Hula Valley and Mount Hermon. The waterfall here is, by far, the most popular […]

Carmel Hai-Bar Nature Reserve

August 27th 2014

When certain species living on Mount Carmel in Haifa became extinct as a result of hunting, deforestation, war and other hazardous conditions, two men established Hai Bar in the 1960s. Their goal was to restore previously existing wildlife to Mount Carmel. Today, visitors can enjoy the fruits of their efforts. The Carmel Hai-Bar Nature Reserve […]

Tel Chai Court

November 2nd 2013

For those interested in the history of the British Palestine Mandate era, which spanned from the end of World War I until the founding of Israel in 1948, the Tel Chai Court and Museum is a must-see. Located in Kibbutz Kfar Giladi in the Upper Galilee, the museum tells the story of the famous battle […]

Sea of Galilee Swim-a-Thon

April 21st 2011

If you’re not exactly the running type, and the Jerusalem Marathon wasn’t your thing, there are still lots of way to exercise your way through your Israel tour. On Wednesday, May 25, find yourself at the Sea of Galilee, ready to swim your way to helping out those in need at the Swim4Sadna swim-a-thon. Another […]

Beit She’an & Masada Night Light Shows – Awesome!

February 24th 2011

History is coming alive with bright lights and fantastic special effects.  With the advance of technology, be prepared to be dazzled (and educated) with the various night- time light shows being displayed across Israel. Starting with the Beit She ‘an National Park Light Show. The story of Beit She’an- Strategically located between the Jordan and Jezreel […]

Ancient Katzrin Park

December 2nd 2010

Ancient Katzrin Park features a third century Jewish village modeled after Talmudic times, including a dwelling with domestic artifacts that were used during the year, as well as a reconstructed early synagogue. The synagogue is made of basalt and was used for hundreds of years until it was destroyed by an earthquake. It is said […]

Pomegranate Wine – a wonderful stop in the Galilee

November 10th 2010

Rimon Winery is owned and operated by the Nachmias family, a third generation farming family who were among the founding fathers of Moshav Kerem Ben Zimra in Israel’s Upper Galilee. Experienced farmers, the family dedicated themselves to growing the highest quality pomegranate fruit in the world. These special pomegranates, famous for their very high juice […]

Carmel Wine: Not Just for Kiddush Anymore

October 31st 2010

Remember when Carmel wine was only known for its grape juice and Kiddush wine?  Well, not anymore.  In the last 10 years, the Carmel Winery has become a powerhouse in the global wine market, with four facilities processing wine from over 3,000 acres of vineyards spanning the length of Israel, bottling over 15 million bottles […]

Cruise on the sea of Galilee

September 13th 2010

Take a day cruise on the Sea of Galilee. Visitors will enjoy the gentle rocking of the waves while sprays of water come over the boat and feel refreshing. Visitors can look overhead and see the seagulls or below into the water and see the vast amounts of St. Peter’s Fish, which is local to […]

Carmel Forest Spa Haifa

August 29th 2010

Surrounded by trees from the Haifa forest, this relaxing location creates the perfect atmosphere, featuring 5-star service and a calm-inducing spa facility. Book your room today!