Supporting Israel

July 30th 2014


We’d like to extend our gratitude to the individual people, organizations and every one of Israel’s supporters who attend rallies, support Israeli institutions, and fight the media war during this difficult time. The one shining light through times like this in the Holy Land is the overwhelming solidarity and brotherhood shown by Jews and lovers of Zion the world over, and we do not take it for granted. 

Israel needs you now, more than ever – to keep doing what you’re doing,fighting the lies and propaganda and grotesque misrepresentations of this war and its causes. But Israel also needs people to keep visiting! We still have tour groups on the ground all over the Land, and they’re still having an amazing time. We wouldn’t take them anywhere near places we wouldn’t take our own children – and by all accounts our clients feel remarkably safe and secure.The fact that they are here now has only served to strengthen their connection with Israel and its people – a feeling that we’re sure you share, in the diaspora.

Now is the time to visit Israel! Sure, it sounds crazy. Talk to people here. Everyone wants this campaign to end – but in the meantime, in that classic Israeli way – day to day life has never been more united, passionate, and committed to the ideals that paved the way for this magnificent nation to arise against all odds to begin with.

We are safe. We are strong. We grieve for our soldiers, for the fact that they are forced to take lives and sacrifice their own. But we are together, united, and our commitment is rock-solid. Come join us, stand up for Israel, show that we won’t be beaten down – and experience the strength and commitment to life and prosperity at this most unique opportunity!

We’d love it if you could spread this message among your contacts, community members, and social media followers. Thank you so much for your boundless support – it means the world to us. Come visit! AM YISRAEL CHAI!

Shalom Stark, Israel