Summer Fun for Kids Touring Israel

August 4th 2013

PicoloniaWhen you’re touring Israel with kids during the warmer months of June, July and August, don’t forget to include plenty of fun in the sun in your itinerary. Folding in kid-friendly experiences the whole family can enjoy, interspersed with more adult-friendly activities like visiting museums, antiquities and holy sites, is important for keeping everybody engaged and looking forward to each segment of the trip. If you need some ideas for child-oriented summer fun in Israel, consider these options, which we find to be major pleasers.

Jerusalem Biblical Zoo – A favorite for locals and tourists of all ages, the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo spotlights animals native to the Land of Israel, with special emphasis on displaying animal species that are mentioned in the Bible. Be sure to catch the Noah’s Ark Visitors’ Center, the petting corner of the Children’s Zoo & the Noah’s Ark sculpture garden playground.

Science Museums – The Israel National Museum of Science, Technology, and Space in Haifa offers more than 400 interactive exhibits designed to illustrate many of Israel’s technological achievements. And The Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem aims to make the connection between science and daily life come alive with hands-on interactivity.

Picolonia in Herzliya – If you remember the thrill of Easy-Bake Ovens – the child-sized version of an activity usually just for adults – you will immediately understand the genius of Picolonia. It’s a whole adult world – a grocery store, a nurses’ station, a road with cars and motorcycles, a café, a salon and more – all in miniature, just calling for little ones to come and play.

Ice skating in Metulla – You probably don’t think of Israel and ice skating as a natural match, so you might be surprised to learn that Israel’s northernmost city of Metulla boasts a sports, cultural and recreational center that offers a wide range of sporting facilities, including two world-class ice skating rinks.

White Water Rafting on the Jordan River – For kids aged five years and up, the Jordan River offers a number of adventure water sports, including “white water” rafting and zip lining into the water. For those who prefer to spend a calmer afternoon on the water, kayaking and sail boating are also available. Jeep rides, camel rides, rappelling and mountain climbing are also options.

Mahuti Interactive Visitors’ Center in Tel Aviv – For ages four and up, this 75-minute tour focuses on the value of peace and the ability that children have to create change in themselves and in the world. The Visitors’ Center is comprised of interactive experiences that are perfect for when you need a bit of relaxed time with the kids. Even if you’re not a new-age kind of family, there are still plenty of enjoyable activities here.