Strange, Marvelous & Fascinating Tunnels & Caves Around Israel

November 6th 2017

Walking down the streets of Israel, you can easily find hundreds of things to do, see, and enjoy. What many tourists don’t realize is that Israel also has a fascinating web of underground attractions guaranteed to awaken the adventurer within. If you’re looking for a thrilling excursion to take on your next trip, then check out these amazing tunnels and caves hidden beneath the bustling modern streets of Israel.

Keshet Cave

Head to the Galilee for a real treat. The Rainbow (keshet in Hebrew) Cave is a fantastic natural archway that crowns the underground cave below. Aside from happening to be one of the most beautiful feats of nature you’ll ever view, extreme sports fans will love this location for rappelling and vine swinging!

Nahal Kziv

Still in the Galilee, Nahal Kziv combines everything the avid adventurer could ask for. Mountain paths, ambling streams, a Crusader’s Fortress, and of course, a hidden tunnel. The Ein Tamir tunnel is a deep and interesting spot for trekking, and the entire area is covered in beautiful foliage. Just a head’s up, the tunnel has no exit, so you’ll have to turn around and come back to the entrance.

Rosh Hanikra

This is one of our favorite tunnels to visit, and tourists are absolutely smitten with the area, as well. On the border of Lebanon and Israel, Rosh Hanikra offers visitors some of the most colorful and thrilling caverns to explore. Take the cable cars down the cliffside to the entrance of the grommet and spend hours in wonder at this awesome location.

Hezekiah’s Water Tunnels

Explore this captivating hike that was built by King Hezekiah in order to protect the city’s water supply from Assyrian attack in the 8th century. Visitors can trek through the impressive 1,750-ft long tunnels in knee-deep water for an exhilarating journey they won’t soon forget.

Kotel Tunnel Tours

Of course, the most dramatic tunnels of all are the underground Western Wall Tunnels. Weaving their way below the Western Wall Square in the Old City of Jerusalem, these tunnels transport you way back to the days of the Temple for a mind-blowing experience you’re sure to remember. Walk through the narrow tunnels (guided tours available in English) and be amazed as various points of interest are pointed out throughout the walk. The most thrilling of all, the spot that stands directly under the exact location of where the Holy of Holies once stood.

Don’t forget these enchanting caves and hikes while you’re at it!