Northern Israel Sites That You Need To Experience!

December 31st 2014

Although lots of first-time visitors to Israel concentrate on Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, the country’s northern regions havedozens of must-visit spots too. Here are a few of our favorites – you may want to double-check that they appear on your itinerary.

Mount Bental IDF Base Lookout

MIDEAST-CONFLICT-SYRIA-ISRAELA furious battle was fought on Mount Bental during the Yom Kippur War of 1973. Today, as a result of its altitude, Mount Bental is better known for being an extraordinarily beautiful vantage point that allows you to set your gaze all over Israel and even into Syria.

Tel Dan Reserve
Tel Dan National ParkJust north of the spot where the Dan River merges into the Jordan River is the Tel Dan Reserve, boasting three distinct hiking trails and one shorter trail that is totally wheelchair accessible. This is the place to go for incredible, lush greenery and ancient ruins, including a red sandstone gate that dates back to the days of Abraham and Sarah.

The Banias Spring and Waterfall
Banias Caesar Philipi
Nearly two miles long, the Banias Spring collects water from the melted snow that trickles down from the Golan’s Mount Hermon. Over the millennia, the force of the water has cut through the canyon, revealing the majestic Banias Waterfall.

Mount Arbel

Mount ArbelRising some 1300 feet high and overlooking the Kinneret (Sea of Galillee), Mount Arbel offers a spectacular view of the Golan Heights, the Kinneret and Mount Hermon. A 30-minute looped trail, from the parking lot to the ruins of the Talmudic-era village of Arbel and its synagogue, is perfect for all walkers.

Golan Jeeping Adventure
Day 4 - Golan Heights Jeeping!Get up close and personal with the luscious green hills of the Golan Heights. A thrilling jeep tour here can introduce you to hidden treasures of the Golan that tour buses just can’t reach.

The Old City of Tzfat and the Artists’ Quarter
Tzfat Artist Quarter
One of Israel’s four holiest cities, the mystical Tzfat (Safed) is a magnet for artists all of kinds. Wander through private and collective art galleries, where Jewish mysticism-themed art hangs side-by-side with the most avant-garde creative works.

Many Amazing Wineries
Inward Bound Seminars at the Carmel Winery
The Golan’s high altitude and fertile soil make it perfect for growing succulent grapes. As a result, the area is home to dozens of vineyards and wineries large and small. The largest and most famous is the Golan Heights Winery in Katzrin, the capital of the Golan.

Add some of these highlights to your itinerary, and you too will fall in love with the green expanses of Israel’s north.