Segway-ing Tel Aviv and the Grand Beach Hotel

March 14th 2011

Segwaying Through Tel Aviv and the Grand Beach Hotel
Let’s talk about the Grand Beach Hotel in Tel Aviv. Directly across from the Mediterranean, it is a newly renovated hotel with a fabulous rooftop pool and gorgeous sundeck. It’s the north most hotel on the Tel Aviv strip, with the board walk beginning across the street and ending in Old Jaffa.
If you want to go from the Grand beach to Old Jaffa, but you’re sick of taking taxis and don’t want to walk, consider the ultimate and hippest tourist transportation- the Segway. There are Segway tours offered throughout Tel Aviv, with professional Israel tour guides.. You can take the Segway tour that goes along the Promenade, Tel Aviv Port, and stop at the and popular wedding photo site. Coast next to the luscious beach winds, along the sands. Perfect for Israel group tours.
OR go inside the SAFARI in nearby Ramat Gan! Lions and tigers, elephants, and gorillas…. 250 acres of natural wildlife smack in the middle of a bustling metropolis. There, you can segway past 1,600 animals of different species, including the numerous and varied mammals, birds, and reptiles of the African jungle. When you visit, you will witness the awesome sight of large herds of animals roaming around the spacious land. This Safari hosts the largest collection of animals in the Middle East.
But going back to your trusty transportation device that will be weaving you in between the African animals : How does a Segway work? A segway is an electric device controlled by the rider adjusting his/her body weight. You stand on it, akin to an upright scooter. It’s kind of like a personal moving sidewalk. It’s very funny to watch ( but obviously a whole lot more fun to actually do) . It can technically reach up to 20 kilometers/hour.
When Segways first hit the pavement, they caused quite the uproar, with countries that didn’t know what to do with them or how to ensure safety regulations. Israel gave Segways the thumbs up sign for sidewalk usage in 2006, so you can now legally Segway in Style.
Remember: Balance is everything! Tour in Israel standing up, but moving horizontally at the same time!