Regina Restaurant

December 2nd 2016


Take a step back in time and enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner at Regina.


Regina is kosher restaurant set in a breathtaking 19th century Mediterranean building. A traditional inner courtyard, perfect for al fresco dining, is surrounded by heavy iron gates and filled with plants and flowers. The inner space is comprised of several rooms which are decorated in keeping with the building’s history; chandeliers, old fashioned shutters, and marble.


Regina’s menu is inspired by the building that houses it and features both Israeli and international dishes. Once the central railway station for Israel, immigrants from around the world came in, and trains from Beirut to Damascus passed through it.

Among the breakfast choices are sunny side up eggs on a bed of majadra and eggplant fillet shakshuka. All breakfasts are served with bread, vegetable salad, tahini, tuna salad, and a hot drink/glass of fresh juice.

Starters include homemade tahini with roasted eggplant, seared fish fillet served on matbucha salad, and avocado salad with sliced tomatoes, red onion, coriander, and lemon juice.

Salad choices contain options like laborers’ salad: arugula, kohlrabi sticks and dried cranberries in date honey and lemon dressing; lettuce hearts in garlic aioli with pomegranate and pine nuts, with or without stir fry balsamic chicken; and beet carpaccio with garden rocket, fennel, and raisins, served in a lemon and olive oil dressing.

Soups are offered for both Ashkenazi and Sephardi palates: Kreplach, Lebenese Kubbeh and traditional Persian Gondi.

Main courses provide something for everyone, even vegetarians. Red pepper stuffed with rice and freekeh, seasoning herbs and pine nuts in a sweet and sour sauce; Hungarian goulash with bay leaves and potatoes, served with a small bowl of majadra; traditional Moroccan fish cooked in a piquant vegetable and chickpea sauce; and Jerusalem chicken cooked with dried fruits, artichoke/Jerusalem artichoke and red wine served with rice are just some of the choices.

Be sure to save room for the homemade desserts: classic dark chocolate cake with birthday sprinkles and cherry sauce; apple raisin and walnut strudel with vanilla ice cream; and 3 Musketeers – date, halva, and house cake.


Regina’s signature dish is sunny side up eggs served on a bed of majadra with a side salad and house bread, which can be served as a breakfast or starter.


Breakfast items are 45 NIS, while starters range from 16-45 NIS, and salads from 40-52 NIS. Soups are 38-46 NIS and main courses range from 38-88 NIS, with desserts at 28-36 NIS.

Regina is the perfect place to enjoy a meal reminiscent of your grandmother’s cooking – wherever she may have come from.