Differences Between Israel Tour Operators And Travel Agents

December 31st 2014

El Al 737-900ER ArtworkK65205When you have straightforward travel needs, such as wanting to book a flight to visit your family or rent a car overseas, a travel agent can be a great help. Travel agents are generalists who know about many different destinations. However, when you’re spending a lot of money for a tailor-made trip to Israel, you’re likely to find far greater value working directly with an Israel-based tour operator to address specific questions and incorporate all requests into your tour.

A good tour operator acts as a tour consultant, combining tour itinerary planning with travel arrangement bookings to create a comprehensive package. When you work with aContact Shalom Israel Tours tour operator, you’ll get a tailor-made experience, built exclusively for you. Your tour consultant will work with you on all of the
relevant considerations and take into account factors like the exact type of tour you want, how many days you’ll be on the ground, the level of luxury your group expects, the ages of individual travelers, any mobility challenges and special dietary needs. A travel agent primarily resells the pre-packaged products of other companies, so she or he simply can’t offer you the level of customization that a tour operator can. In addition, because of the volume of tourists that they assist, depending on your needs, a tour operator may be able to offer you special discounts and other exclusive benefits.

Moreover, operators work on the ground in Israel, visiting the sites they send their clients to, so they know which attractions work best for which kinds of groups. Among these providers’ extensive networks of travel professionals in Israel, they have local contacts at each attraction that can help keep your way smooth.

A superior full-service local tour operator also will help you manage issues such as walking directions, restaurant recommendations, cell phone and Internet access, medical help or equipment rentals and currency exchange that crop up once you’ve arrived in Israel. Your travel agent simply doesn’t offer this level of service.

Of particular importance in Israel, a tour operator is able to monitor the latest with any rapidly evolving security situations and can rework an itinerary on the spot, if necessary, due to road closures. And because Israel-based tour operators have staff on the ground, the same flexibility exists if a last-minute change to the itinerary becomes necessary as a result of illness, attraction closures, severe weather or anything else that might arise.

A true tour operator has a vested interest in your happiness. Their brand name’s reputation hinges on your delight. They want your repeat business and your referrals to friends who will also be traveling to Israel. When you book with someone who cares, you’re far more likely to enjoy the experience of a lifetime.