Radzikowska Family

May 28th 2014

My husband and I have just returned from a 5 day trip to Israel and we thought it would be unforgivable not to inform other travelers how great this experience was thanks to Shalom Israel Day Tours. 
Firstly, we received great support from Shalom Stark right from the beginning when planning the trip. You can imagine how hard it can be to fit all the important sights into a 5 day itinerary but Shalom seemed to be prepared for all of the challenges we could think of. As a result we ended up with a wonderful, well balanced and yet not too exhausting plan that we happily realized.
Our guide Mordechai, who was with us all this time, proved to be a great companion and an endless source of knowledge about all places we visited. We had lots of fun discussing culture, politics, art and everything of greater and smaller relevance. He had an excellent ability to adjust to our individual interests and needs and not to overwhelm us with dry facts and figures. We simply cannot think of a better guide!
As to the travel arrangements, everything was spotless: pick ups, hotel and attraction reservations, restaurant recommendations, etc. 
All in all, thank you – Shalom and Mordechai. You made it all really unforgettable!