Take the Plunge All Year-Round: 3 Top Jerusalem Hotels with Indoor Pools

November 15th 2016

One of the most exciting parts of going on vacation is sitting out by the pool at your hotel. The water, sun, and relaxation add up to an unbeatable experience that travelers look forward to on every trip.

What do winter tourists do, though, without their fun in the sun? Well, with the information below, you won’t have to forego this delightful indulgence even in the dead of December. Check out these top Jerusalem hotels the host indoor pools as one of their many amenities.

#1 Dan Jerusalem

The Dan Jerusalem is in a prime location for tourists who want to be in the center of the action. It rests on Mt. Scopus in Jerusalem, and all the rooms deliver a stunning view of the Judean hills. In addition to a full spa, stylish bar and restaurant on premise, and prime location, the Dan Jerusalem has both an indoor and outdoor pool that guests can enjoy all year round.

#2 Crowne Plazapool-1

The Crowne Plaza is another great option. Amenities include childcare services, WiFi, housekeeping and laundry. They have a nice fitness center, and their indoor pool is enclosed in a glass enclosure so you can feel the outdoors even while you’re safely swimming inside away from the cold.

#3 Mamillapool-2

For a real indulgence, treat yourself to a few nights at the Mamilla Hotel in the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem. This modern hotel pampers visitors with Egyptian cotton bed linen, full spa, and an indoor pool. The long, rectangular pool is surrounded on all sides by thick pillars, wooden decks, and subdued lighting for an all-around relaxing decor.

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