Nachlaot Art Tour

June 1st 2011

Nachlaot Art Tour – Enchanted Allies, Corners and Courtyards

Hidden in the enchanting courtyards and allies of Jerusalem’s Nachlaot neighborhood sit artists quietly creating their next masterpiece. We’ll enter studios, galleries, warehouses and homes to meet artists of all disciplines. From interventional installation art to Judaica pieces, we’ll see a variety of art forms and meet a diverse group of artists. As we meander through the quaint neighborhood, we’ll also learn about the history of Nachlaot, the roots of its eclectic character and the current transformations it’s undergoing.


What Will I Experience?

Nachlaot’s History

We’ll learn about the emergence of Nachlaot’s courtyard neighborhoods, the historical circumstances lending to their creation and the diverse communities which established them.


Important Landmarks

One can’t walk through Nachlaot without stopping at important sites like Rabbi Aryeh Levine’s home and one of the one hundred ethnic synagogues in the area. We’ll continue learning about the history of this fascinating neighborhood through its notable landmarks.


Nachlaot’s Artist and Art

Nachlaot has a thriving art scene and yet much of it exists behind closed doors. We’ll explore galleries, studios and private work spaces and meet the neighborhood’s local artists. Among the many forms of art we’ll encounter will be:

  • Scribal Art – we’ll explore the ancient art of writing scriptures, illuminated manuscripts, and other works of calligraphy.
  • Installation Art – we’ll meet an artist who works towards altering the public’s perception of their environment through planting his pieces in public spaces.
  • Ceramics – we’ll get a demonstration of how beautiful ceramic pieces are made.
  • Stained Glass – we’ll learn how this artist creates beautiful Judaica, jewelry and window hangings from colorful stained glass.


What’s Included?

ü  Professional, licensed tour  guide

ü  An intimate encounter with the local culture and people.


How early should I have my coffee?

ü  The group will meet at 10:30am at the entrance to the open shuk on Agripas.


Anything else I need to know?

ü  This is a walking tour so wear comfortable shoes, bring water, and a hats always a good idea too.

ü  The tour is three hours long.

ü  Artists visited may vary.