April 13th 2011

The Midrachov is the point where the ancient spiritual Tzfat meets the busy modern city. The Midrachov’s shops and cafes are set against the most breathtaking views that are unique only to the mystical city of Tzfat. You can sip a refreshing drink or enjoy a meal while taking in the view of the historic Mount Meron and its surrounding countryside. The Midrachov is the main street of Tzfat and is where the new town, the old city, and the artists’ quarter converge. On this unique and colorful street you will find local stores selling anything from fruits and vegetables to home wares, clothing, and souvenirs. The Midrachov is also the place to find a number of restaurants and coffee shops, frequented by both local people and people on Israel tours. With its roots in mysticism, art and Israel’s early history, the Midrachov is a visitor’s delight.