Meatos Restaurant

December 2nd 2016


Just what it sounds like, Meatos delivers a sensational dining experience for meat lovers to enjoy. The service is pleasant, the quality outstanding, and the variety of options and flavors will have you running back to this culinary masterpiece for more.


Meatos was born as a vision of chef Kobi’s dream to combine the class of fine dining with the exceptional taste of food made right. As such, the restaurant’s ambiance reflects the same quality standards as its food; top of the line. The chairs are comfortably padded leather, the outdoor seating is surrounded by fresh greenery, and the indoor tables are bathed in comfortable mood lighting for an elegant flair.


Meatos takes flavor to a new level, marinating, brushing, and enhancing their food with the full gamut of spices, sauces, and finishing touches. Indulge in a plate of beef medallions with a side of creamy potatoes in a port sauce, an order of lamb spareribs in plum sauce, or a combination of entrecote and duck for something really unique.

Meatos also has burgers, chicken, fish, and pasta dishes to satisfy even the pickiest eaters, and that’s before you even get to the desserts! Diners will enjoy a wide variety of beverages including fine wines, hot beverages, beers, whiskeys, cocktails, and more.


Meatos specializes in joining exceptional style with unbelievable flavor in the entire dining experience. The ambiance, staff, and dishes make you feel like you are eating in a VIP restaurant, and the food is infused with such powerful flavors, your mouth will truly appreciate the pampering.


Meatos has a good range of pricing for its dishes. There are steaks and mains that will run anywhere from 80 NIS even up to 200 NIS, but other dishes can be found for as low as 40 NIS.