Marching Into Spring: Top Tourist Sites in Israel This March

March 10th 2017

At last! The cold has finally broken, and people are just desperate to get outside and enjoy the freedom. There are loads of outdoor activities, along with some indoor specialties you are not going to want to miss. Here are the highlights of the special happenings in Israel this March.


The holiday of partying, Purim, is one major bash where people get dressed up, create an atmosphere of merriment, and drink to blur the lines that normally separate us all. It is a jovial funfest across the country, so hook up with a party, and enjoy the show!

Jerusalem Marathonmarathon

The Jerusalem Marathon takes place on Friday the 17th this year, and it is one of the most heartwarming runs to take place anywhere. That’s because rather than running for physical prowess, money, or prestige, these marathoners are running for a good cause. Whether running to raise money for cancer patients or environmental preservation, every runner is carrying a banner for their social cause. Visitors can take place in the run or just stand by and cheer them on, as these athletes extend themselves for the good of the world.

Sounds of the Old Citysound of old city

It’s a music festival, and what better place to host it than in Jerusalem’s Old City, the very essence of soul and spirit? With the ancient cobblestones as their stage, performers from all over the world unite for one purpose: public awareness that like music, people can traverse all boundaries. Joining together four different cultures and religions, the Old City equalizes everyone, and it’s this strength that the festival aims to harness. Join thousands of people who share something in common: their love of music and the human race!

Different events are scattered across March, so look up the full schedule, so you don’t miss out.

Jerusalem Arts Festivaldance 2

This weeklong festival embraces everything that is art including dance, drama, and music with performances covering the creative spectrum. Check out the full schedule here.

When: March 29th – April 4th

Once you’ve finished your Purim parties, there’s still plenty of action to enjoy, so head to Israel this March for an unbeatable experience!