Liliyot Restaurant

December 2nd 2016


Liliyot is not just a restaurant, it is a culinary institute. Oh, and it has a big heart as well. In conjunction with Elem, Liliyot recruits, trains, and employs at-risk youths, giving these kids another chance at a better life.

Their outreach doesn’t affect the quality of service whatsoever. Liliyot is a classy restaurant with amazing food and top notch service, and diners will enjoy every minute of their night out on the town.


Comfortable plush seating is complimented by crisp white tablecloths and napkins, and sophisticated glassware. The decor is tasteful and elegant, so you feel like you are being treated out whenever you eat at Liliyot.

Liliyot also makes itself available for private parties, hosting up to 60 guests in their various balconies and private side rooms.


Liliyot has an outstanding menu with something for everyone and flavors that will make your palette sing. Some of the delectable main dishes include chicken breast marinated in lemongrass, basil, and ginger; lemon, coriander, and cardamom rubbed fish; and hot smoked salmon in horseradish aioli and brazil nuts.

Liliyot also has burgers, veal sweetbreads, lamb spareribs, and a vegetarian selection with tofu, pasta, and veggies. One expert tip: don’t skip out on dessert. With options like black forest (a symphony of chocolate cherry fudge, Montefiore chocolate mousse, chili chocolate truffles, and more), supernova (an explosion of fruity goodness), or a summer ice cream sandwich, you’d be remiss not to order at least one.


Liliyot’s specialty must lie in its ability to take new flavors, spices, and herbs, and create sensational dishes the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else. Tourists and locals come to this restaurant for an experience that is unique and thoroughly enjoyed every time.


Diners can get delicious pasta dishes for 60-70 NIS or richer mains like the beef or fish options for 80-150 NIS.