Landing From the Holidays, Touring Israel With Your Feet Up

October 24th 2016

With so much excitement, hustle, and bustle surrounding the holidays, you might be worn out from it all. Between the Rosh Hashana highs, the Yom Kippur services, and the action of Sukkot, travelers might be ready for a little R&R before they return home to their daily routines. If you are looking for some slower paced entertainment to enjoy during your last few days in Israel, then check out these low-key (but no less enjoyable!) venues to visit today.time-elevator

Time Elevator

The time elevator is one of Jerusalem’s modern marvels. It is a simulated journey through history, bringing tourists a panoramic view of this city’s rich cultural, religious, and historical heritage from many different angles. Engage all your senses and learn a thing or two as you sit and marvel at this exciting attraction.

Kikar HaMusica

Kikar HaMusica is an enchanting experience that music lovers will fall head over heels in love with. The scene is set in an outdoor courtyard, with Jerusalem stone buildings flanking three sides. These restaurants serve delicious and elegant foreign cuisine, including a fabulous French menu and Italian delights. A flowing water fountain with a harp at the centerpiece stands at the front of the Kikar (square in Hebrew), and the trickling water only adds to the beautiful ambiance. The best part of all though is the live music performed on stage almost every night. With music playing in the background as you dine, there are few experiences more delightful. A slice of heaven on earth.

Jerusalem Bus Tourbus

If you didn’t get to see Jerusalem on foot, then the city bus tour is a great way to cover all the major destinations around the city. With 23 stops along the route and a sound system carrying interesting tidbits throughout the ride, travelers will really enjoy this expansive look at a beautiful city.

The wide variety of museums across the country will also provide you with a calmer day activity, and since tourist season is over, you won’t have to fight with large crowds to see the exhibits. And if you really just want to sit and do nothing, head south from some seriously beautiful beach time in Eilat or the Negev. Touring Israel is exhilarating, but it doesn’t have to be exhausting. Enjoy these relaxing day trips, and enjoy Israel at your own pace today.