Join the Israeli Nation in Celebrating Jerusalem Day

June 2nd 2016

Jerusalem Day, or Yom Yerushalayim, is a day for celebration even in other cities of the country because of what it represents. Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel, the home of many significant historical, religious, and political sites, and it holds a unique place in the heart of all Israelis. Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike call it home, and regaining control over this small but beautiful city is reason enough to celebrate together with the nation. Check out some patriotic and exciting things you can do if you’re in Israel this June 5th.Jerusalem Day 1

Unification Ceremony

To end your Jerusalem Day festivities, start out by really setting the tone properly. Head over to Ammunition Hill, a fabulous museum of Israeli war tactics, where you can join some of the most prominent members in the Israeli government as they commemorate this momentous day in Israel’s history. From the Prime Minister to the Chief of Police, come together for the official Unification Ceremony that commemorates the fallen soldiers who gave their lives to bring Jerusalem back to us and celebrates the current completed state of Israel.

Jerusalem Day Parade

The most prominent way to celebrate Yom Yerushalayim is to take part in the massive parade that spans the streets of Jerusalem for the entire afternoon and into the night. If you are up for chanting, waving flags, and getting into the patriotic spirit, then grab a friend and let those blue and white colors shine! The parade commences at the Great Synagogue (or around the corner on Bezalel Street for women). The festivities begin at around four o’clock in the afternoon, and they can continue late into the night.

Light Musical Performance

Just before you head over to the epic parade, catch a glimpse of Jerusalem mayor, Nir Barkat. He’ll be kicking off a unique performance at the Tower of David Museum that will showcase Uziya Tzadok and the Israeli Andalusian Orchestra during a free concert that is sure to be something special. The concert begins at 3:30 and admission is free.Jerusalem Day 2

Jerusalem is a vibrant city with plenty to offer tourists of every kind. Visit the shuk, go to the national parks, and enjoy the rich culture that permeates the very air that swirls around this great city.