Jerusalem’s Old City: A Portal to the Past & Beacon for the Future

July 29th 2016

Jerusalem’s Old City is a cornerstone of Israel, and no visit would be complete without running this circuit. Make sure to put some of these top destinations into your itinerary this year.

The QuartersJerusalem Old City 1

A wide range of religions will find a comfortable corner of the Old City of Jerusalem carved out just for them. Divided into four quarters, this city houses the most eclectic group of people found across the globe. Visit the Jewish Quarter, the Muslim Quarter, the Armenian Quarter, and the Christian Quarter to get a real taste of the way diverse cultures actually live side by side in such tight proximity.

Museums That Will AmazeJerusalem Old City 5

The Old City has some captivating museums, so check out a few exhibits (read about each one by clicking on the link):

The Tower of David Museum

Temple Institute

Burnt House

Wohl Archaeological Museum

The Generation Center

If you’re looking for something a little different than the traditional Old City tours, then the Generations Center is your answer. Enjoy this multimedia experience that takes you through a 3500 year journey with lights, sounds, and an inspiring promise for the future.

Get Spiritual

Jerusalem Old City 3

The Old City houses some of the oldest and most beautiful synagogues in the world, and even if you aren’t an avid congregant, you can appreciate these ancient prayer houses. Marvel at the Hurva synagogue as the walls tell its tale of centuries of destruction and rebirth, as well as the Four Sephardic Synagogues that call the Old City home.

The Western WallJerusalem Old City 4

The Western Wall resonates within the hearts of the thousands of daily visitors that are drawn to her stones. It is a symbol of hope, faith, and perseverance, and no matter who you are or what you’re struggling with, you can gain strength and encouragement from this lone Temple wall that has remained standing tall throughout a most trying history.

Also check out the Tunnel Tours for a fascinating tour that will take you through the underground tunnels running beneath the Kotel for an unforgettable journey back in time.

Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, and the Old City is certainly the heart of the capital. Come experience the real essence, spirit, and pulse of Israel as you tour the Old City, a destination like no other in the world.