James Porter

December 16th 2011

It was only a couple weeks before I was going to fly to Israel, my first journey to the Holy Land, and I was still unsure as to where I was staying and what I was going to do while there.  After a few Google searches I landing at ShalomIsraelTours.com and inquired about a tour starting in a couple weeks.  Mr. Stark contacted me with all the details quite promptly and as if this guy needs no sleep was available every hour I tried to contact him for additional questions and from then on until the trip started I felt I had not only a plan, but someone very knowledgeable to assist in every detail along the way.


The entire tour was so well guided by a veteran of 42yrs in the tour guide industry and part time police volunteer.   His insight and ability to truly explain the depths of the significance of the places we visited added a realism to the experience that I only wish I could have video recorded the entire thing.  If someone were to ask me for a suggested tour company to use and guide I would have no trouble at all recommending Shalom Israel Tours and their choice in tour guides.