Israel’s Top Wheelchair-Accessible Natural Wonders

December 21st 2014

With advance planning, and by working with an experienced tour consultant, you can easily find plenty of fully or partially wheelchair-accessible sites that allow mobility-challenged visitors to enjoy the natural wonders of Israel. Here are some of our favorites.

Thundering Waterfalls at the Banias Nature Reserve
The most impressive waterfall in Israel is located within the Banias Nature Reserve in the Upper Golan, between the Hula Valley and Banias Caesar PhilipiMount Hermon. The best time to visit is during Israel’s rainy season, roughly November to April, when the flow is at its fullest and most imposing. The easiest path to the waterfall takes just ten minutes from the first entrance, and this preliminary section of the Banias is fully wheelchair accessible.

Breathtaking Desert Scenery in Mitzpe Jericho
Drive in a private car, up the snake-like path, to a lookout point in Mitzpe Jericho  at the top of what locals call “the givah” – the hill. Mitzpe Yericho Observation Deck
From this point, it’s possible to take in stunning panoramic views of the Dead Sea, the ancient city of Jericho, the Jordan River and the surrounding Judean Desert, for which the community of Mitzpe Jericho is well-known.

Peer into Syria from a Defunct Volcano on Mount Bental
MIDEAST-CONFLICT-SYRIA-ISRAELSome 1,200 meters above the Sea of Galilee, Mount Bental is one of a number of defunct volcanoes out of which the Golan Heights was formed. The amazing height affords stellar views over Israel, and across into Syria. Mount Bental was the site of a famous battle during the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

Exceptional Bird-Watching at the Hula Valley Nature Reserve
Hula Nature Reserve - Israel Tour SiteVisit the heart of the Hula Valley Nature Reserve, an amazing nature and bird watching park where you can spot a large variety of species, including cranes, pelicans and some non-birds too. Visitors can enjoy scenic trails, a “floating bridge” and lookout points for observing 200 species of bird migrations. The paths and floating bridge are entirely accessible via wheelchair.

Baha’i Gardens, Israel’s Eighth Wonder of the World
IMG_1963 - CopyConsidered the most striking landmark in Haifa, the magnificence of the Baha’i Gardens often leaves visitors stunned. The terraced gardens are built around a religious tomb/shrine and landscaped with precision, beauty and creativity. Although the gardens themselves are only accessible by foot, wheelchair-bound visitors can enjoy a spectacular view of the gardens from the uppermost terrace.

Get out there

No need to stay indoors if you or someone in your family uses a wheelchair. There are plenty of amazing nature sites to include in your Israel itinerary that everyone can enjoy.