Israel’s Top Water Hikes for Families

December 19th 2014

Ein Gedi National ParkIf your family is into hiking in nature, there are plenty of reserves and trails in Israel that feature opportunities to get and stay wet. Even if you’re traveling with family with varying levels of hiking ability, Israel has water hikes that you’re all sure to love. Here are some of our favorites.

Strollers welcome
Among the most popular sites for families, visitors to Wadi Kelt can enjoy taking a dip in one of the naturally formed rock pools – or just soak in the plant and animal life in the nature reserve. The trails marked with red, blue and green provide varying levels of hiking experiences, including a trail suitable for all visitors in wheelchairs and strollers.

Slide down a repurposed water pipe
The depth of the waters at Nachal HaKibbutzim, not far from Beit She’an, average 3 to 5 feet, making it perfect for family fun. Plan to spend between 40 minutes and two hours wading through the water. Send your kids swooping down huge plumbing pipes that have been turned into water slides. Don’t miss the proper swimming pool that was originally built for British officers during the Mandate.

A range of trails from 15 minutes up
Depending on how up for adventure your family is, you can do the short, 15-minute hike on the wheelchair-accessible path at Nachal Snir, which is also perfect for a stroller. After the brief hike, you can chill out at the springs or double back and have lunch at Dag al haDan, the kosher fish restaurant. The middle option takes about half an hour and will put your whole body into the water. If you’re all feeling adventurous, get ready to face some (relatively mild) rapids on the 90-minute route.

Choose from two waterfalls
The more challenging path in the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve is the one leading to Nachal Arugot. Once you arrive, hop into the waterfall and splash to your heart’s content. The more popular hike here is by way of Nachal David, though recent hikers have found the second waterfall is not always open for swimming. If your family prefers the hike over the wet, you can hike higher than the waterfalls and gaze down upon them from a safe distance above.

You can’t go wrong

Whichever family-friendly water hike you choose, you’ll be sure to have a spectacular splashy experience in nature. Pack your water shoes and get ready to enjoy Israel at its wettest.