Israel’s Top Agricultural Farm Tours

June 11th 2015

The Land of Milk and Honey is home to a vibrant agricultural industry. When you visit Israel, you may want to take some time to see some of the scenic farms and the sophisticated techniques that innovative Israelis have used to make the desert bloom.

For a smattering of especially compelling visitor experiences, start with these top five farm tours, presented here in alphabetical order.


Among the farm and acrobatics-themed activities at Moshav HaYogev in the Jezreel Valley are organic vegetable picking, touring the fields of crops, agricultural exhibitions, circus training (learn to ride a unicycle!) and, of course, performances by the local circus troupe itself.

Bereshit Fruit

Bereshit farmLocated in the Golan near Kibbutz Merom, Bereshit is not only the land’s largest fruit packing house, with abundant, high-quality fruits (apples are the hottest ticket item), but it also boasts the Bereshit Visitors Center, which provides opportunities to learn all about Israel’s fruit industry. We recommend that you plan to arrive early in the day, as it can get crowded during peak seasons.

Mazkeret Batya

The first agricultural settlement of the Hovevei Tzion movement, Mazkeret Batya was founded by Baron Rothschild in 1883. Today, you can get a taste of their agricultural accomplishments, including hands-on “harvesting” of grapes, olives and various citrus fruits. Additional attractions here include a water slide, petting zoo, pony rides and arts and crafts programs.

Sde Eliyahu

sde eliyahu

This kibbutz in the Jordan valley offers the unusual opportunity to see organic farming in action. Instead of
insecticides, Sde Eliyahu uses natural resources, including cultivated insects and birds, to protect its many crops. The bio-tour here showcases their methods, with a focus on how they are being used internationally.

Yad Mordechai

Historically, Kibbutz Yad Mordechai may be best known for its 1948 battle with the Egyptian army and its namesake, Mordechai Anilewitz, who spearheaded the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Today, however, its claim to fame is an enormous beehive – Yad Mordechai is the number one provider of honey in Israel, owning some 50 percent of the domestic market. The honey tour here is an interactive educational experience.
Israel is often celebrated for its natural beauty and agricultural innovations. Get to know this side of the country with these great farm tours.