Israel’s Camping Sites

May 28th 2016

As the warm weather spreads throughout Israel, thousands of Israelis will start to flock to the outdoor camping sites that prove such a popular destination over these months. And as the country begins to shut down ahead of the Pesach break, many people will take advantage of being off of work to spend time away with the family. Here are two of the best destinations for camping, each with a very unique experience.

Ganei Huga

Located in Beit Shean, alongside natural pools, the camping site is in one of the most beautiful areas of Israel, as well as being close to ancient ruins of the city. Visitors are able to bring their own tents, or rent tents from the park, which will already be set up when you arrive. For those who wish to enjoy air conditioning in the summer heat, the park also offers yurts which come complete with a fridge and mattresses.Israel Camping 1

Bins are emptied every 15 minutes during the day by park employees, and a small shop and supermarket are located close by. There is also a light show in the early evenings which can be enjoyed by both adults and children alike. No music is allowed so the park is generally quite quiet, and the pools are shallow enough for even small children to reach the floor.

Kfar Hanokdim

Located in the Kana’im valley, and surrounded by the Judean desert, Kfar Hanokdim offers visitors an authentic experience of a Bedouin oasis. Surrounded by palm trees and featuring gardens, visitors can enjoy more than just an overnight stay with the oasis offering meals, activities, camel treks, and camp fires.Israel Camping 2

Visitors are able to choose from one of three types of accommodation:

Sleeping Desert Style – Visitors stay in a Bedouin tent made of dark goat’s hair. They are decorated in a fully authentic style, include rugs and mattresses, and are also rain proof.
Cabins – These cabins are located on the edge of the oasis, are made from locally sourced materials from the Dead Sea area, and incredibly include air conditioning and showers.
Lodges – A recent addition to the oasis, the lodges feature wooden floors and verandas from which to enjoy the stunning desert views and can fit eight people each.

Additional details on park features and availability can be found on the Ganei Huga or Kfar Hanokdim websites, along with their contact information. Hurry up and reserve your spot before the holiday rush beats you to it!