Why Israeli Tour Guides Will Give You the Trip of a Lifetime

June 23rd 2016

Have you ever visited one of the incredible wonders of the world only to be left, well, underwhelmed? Not only is this a big letdown, but it can often derail your entire vacation, and can certainly put a damper on the mood. People generally visit Israel expecting to feel an immediate connection, an appreciation for their heritage, and a pleasure from coming home, but are met with disappointment when these feelings just don’t bubble up inside. If you’d like to really get the most out of your next trip to Israel, then there’s only one way to do it, with guided tours! Not sure you want to shell out the cash for a guy in a funny sun hat to take you around? Check out why guided tours trump self-led trips any day of the week.

Guided Tours 1More Than a Vacation Destination

Is Masada a pile of rocks or a dynamic story of the human spirit? Is the Western Wall the heart of the Jewish People or a generic wall good for sticking notes into? When experiencing the 4,000-year journey of Israel, every street, corner, and stone has a story to tell.

Wouldn’t it be a shame to simply walk by all those tales unheard and unheeded? The trouble is that as a tourist you don’t know the stories, you aren’t aware of the struggles, and you cannot possibly retell the travails that happened on these very stones. That’s where a tour guide can work their magic. A good guide knows every inch of Israel like the back of their hand. They’ve studied it, traveled it, and embraced it. And that’s why they can bring the stories of old, the lessons of history, and the magic of a centuries-old people to you as you travel through this beautiful country on your vacation.

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Guided Tours 2More Than Anywhere in the World

When traveling in Italy, you can’t walk more than a foot without stumbling over some piece of history. It’s clearly marked and apparent for all to see. While there’s always a story to be told, most of the historical monuments and cultural exhibits throughout Europe are common knowledge, and a well-written guidebook can be your best companion. A guide in Israel, on the other hand, is more than a talking guide book though; they’re a peek inside the heart of this fascinating culture, a glimpse into the personal lives – past and present – of a people that have endured for generations despite all odds. Israel holds many secrets, strengths, and surprises, and the only way to get those gems is through the learned and experienced words of a well-traveled tour guide.

Guided Tours 3So you could come to Israel for the gorgeous beaches, great shopping, and unbeatable food no doubt. To get the truly authentic, travel back in time, heart to soul connection kind of experience that you’re really looking for, you need to get yourself a guide. It’s worth every penny, you’ll see.