Hotels for Sukkot in Israel

July 29th 2013

David Citadel Hotel in JerusalemSukkot, which falls each year in September or October, is one of the three pilgrimage holidays in the Jewish calendar. In Temple times, pilgrims from all over the Land of Israel came to Jerusalem each year on Sukkot to offer sacrifices at the Holy Temple. Today, Sukkot remains an extraordinarily popular time to visit. When booking a hotel for your Sukkot vacation in Israel, there are a number of factors to consider. Read on for help finding the ideal accommodations for your needs.

Do you prefer a hotel with a largely American Orthodox crowd, or would you prefer a hotel that attracts more Israelis or diverse international visitors? Nearly all Israeli hotels build their own sukkot (the holiday’s temporary hut-like structures) for visitors to enjoy during meals, but some offer rpivate sukkot as well.

The Inbal Jerusalem offers veranda-perched sukkot with views of the Old City walls and attracts a primarily American clientele. The Meridien Dead Sea has all the charms of the Dead Sea, including a full-featured spa, indoor and outdoor fresh water pools and appeals principally to Israelis enjoying Sukkot vacation. If you prefer to be close to nature in the Galilee, the Ramot Resort, overlooking the Sea of Galilee, features elegant wooden cabins and country-style chalets. The vacation village offers plenty of children’s programming over Sukkot and tends to attract an international crowd.

On Sukkot, there are marvelous things to do in every corner of the country. While any destination in Israel is no more than a day trip by car, you’ll want to consider which part of the country you prefer to serve as your home away from home. With Israeli families on vacation and thousands of international tourists visiting, proximity can help minimize sitting in traffic.

Perhaps you’re most interested in the holy sites and Jerusalem-based Sukkot events. If so, consider a classic luxury Jerusalem hotel such as the Leonardo Plaza in the heart of town or the David Citadel with its amazing views of the Old City. Both offer special Sukkot packages.

If you’re looking for easy beach access for a sunny and sandy vacation during Sukkot, many Boutique Hotels in Tel Aviv is just five minutes from the Mediterranean and caters to adult travelers. On the other end of the spectrum, if you really want to get away from it all, consider a stay at the Midbara in the village of Zuqim in the southern Negev. Nine private stone or wooden cabins offer travelers a full dose of desert serenity combined with biking, hiking and jeep tours.

From the Golan to Eilat, wherever you decide to stay, you’re sure to enjoy Sukkot in Israel.