Horvat Hanut: Discover an Archeological Wonder on Your Own!

August 15th 2017

Hidden within the vast Judean Hills is a lonely trail called Caesar’s Route. If you follow this route as it winds its way down to the Elah Valley, there are many interesting sites for you to behold including an exciting cave, a beautiful spring, and a shallow tunnel to explore. Something else that you won’t find, however, unless you are really looking is the Horvat Hanut or the caravan parking. Doesn’t sound too exciting, does it? Well, wait till you see what this little ancient parking garage is hiding from view. Believe us, it’s more than worth it to keep reading!

What’s Nestled Away Beneath Horvat Hanut

It’s not so much Horvat Hanut itself that is fascinating. Of course, the trail is beautiful, the surroundings are picturesque, and if you like combining a brisk all-day hike with a hearty picnic lunch and a pleasant view that the entire family will love, this is definitely your best location. But, Horvat Hanut has something else in store that is sure to gain your admiration.

What lies beneath the surface of this mysterious hiking ground? An ancient mosaic floor that is in near perfect condition from the sixth century Byzantine period. Not only is the stonework incredibly well-kept for posterity, but the artwork and design of this particular mosaic floor are some of the most beautiful you will see anywhere in the world!


What is most fascinating about this site is that the mosaic tiles are inconspicuously hidden beneath a layer of sand and dirt. This is not careless upkeep, but rather careful consideration on the part of archeologists. Found during a recent dig in the area, the mosaic has kept its stature for all these years due to the limited exposure to the elements. To further preserve its beauty and authenticity, archeologists continuously keep a steady supply of sand covering the stones. In order to see the full artwork, tourists can gently brush away the sand with excavation brooms that are left at the site for just this purpose. You’ll feel like a real Indiana Jones at this site, folks!

Additional Findings at Horvat Hanut

If you love Israeli archeological findings, then this is a great place to visit. In addition to the stunning mosaic floor, historians have discovered other ancient artifacts including a water reservoir and a wine press, also exceptionally well-kept through the ages. The wine press is ornately decorated in white mosaic tiles.

The Caesar Route is a lovely hike that anyone can enjoy, and finding the ancient mosaic is absolutely one of the sweetest cherries on top you’ll ever taste!