Hands-On Activities in Israel that Your Kids Will Love

July 28th 2015

Many museums showcase “look, but don’t touch” exhibits, but the sites included here all have the power to get you and your kids actively involved. Thankfully, Israel is full of compelling experiences like these that can truly bring a tour to life.

Beit Guvrin – Dig for a Day

Beit Guvrin National Park - Israel Tour SiteGet your hands dirty with Dig for a Day. The three-hour program has participants digging, sifting and examining pottery shards from ancient eras – and also investigating unexcavated tunnels in the old limestone cave network at this sprawling park in the country’s center. Water cisterns, baths, the remnants of weaving tools and the means for producing olive oil are all on display for hands-on exploration.



Caliber 3 Adventure Training

Caliber 3 TrainingThe Caliber 3 training range adjacent to Efrat provides visitors with the chance to participate in “commando tourism,” with a basic rifle range program that lasts two hours. Other programs focus on Krav Maga and even intensive military special-ops style training. For the exceptionally brave of heart, the ten-day “survival” will be an especially powerful draw.

De Karina Chocolate Factory

Mendelsohn Family at De Karina Chocolate FactoryLocated in Ein Zivan in the Golan Heights, the kosher De Karina Chocolate Factory is experiential tourism at its sweetest. Visit the factory for a basic 20-minute guided tour, which covers the history of chocolate and plenty more, and sign up for a 40-minute chocolate-making workshop that will whet your appetite even further. Note – everyone loves chocolate, make sure your tour consultant puts this in your itinerary to reserve your spots.

Deer Land Zip Line

Israel Tour Site - Deer LandFor the second-longest zip line in the world, go to Deer Land at Kfar Etzion. The attraction park also has a ropes course, climbing walls, bungee trampolining, paintball and 4×4 off-roading. For the naturalists in your party, turn to Deer Land’s wildlife park, with petting and feeding corners and a pool for waterfowl.





Kfar Kedem Talmudic Village

Kfar Kedem Donkey Rides!This “ancient village” (this is the literal meaning of the words “kfar kedem”) in the Galilean town of Hoshaya presents visitors with a hands-on snapshot of how people lived 2000 years ago. Visitors here can enjoy baking bread from scratch, witnessing the milking of cows by hand and even the process of creating wool fabrics from sheep sheering. Guides are dressed true to the era. Other activities include donkey-riding, threshing grain, pressing oil and crushing grapes for wine.

Manara Cliff, Golan Heights

Manara Cliff Mountain & Cable Car Manara is the highest cliff in Israel. Reach it via the longest cable car ride in Israel – it takes ten minutes, offering exhilarating views. Other attractions here include mountain slides, a 16.5-meter-high climbing wall, rappelling, a zip line and BMX bike trails. Playground facilities are also available for the younger set.

Temple Mount Sifting Project

Temple Mount Sifting Project JerusalemAt the foot of Jerusalem’s Mount Scopus, archeologists and their many helpers sift through 400 truckloads of topsoil that were deposited here in recent years following renovations atop the Temple Mount nearby. Visitors choose a bucket with potential artifacts soaking in water, spread it out evenly on a screen and hose off the mud to find noteworthy artifacts. Come prepared to get your shoes and clothes dirty – wet sifting can be messy work!

Today, anyone with an internet connection can learn about Israel from afar. When you make the journey to visit here in person, make sure to get the most of your trip by experiencing everything Israel has to offer all five of your senses!