Fun & Fascinating June Activities in Tel Aviv

June 2nd 2017

June invites a new wave of excitement for tourists. People flock to the Holy Land with plans to maximize the nice weather, gorgeous blue skies, and the general buzz in the air. Beaches are booming, and parks are popping, but if you’re looking for a more interactive sort of fun, check out these happenings across Tel Aviv that are being held throughout the month of June.

Cyber Week

Join other tech-loving tourists, local, and internationally acclaimed personalities for a week of innovation, entertainment, and socializing. There are 45 events in this convention held at Tel Aviv University, which will include fascinating speeches, simulated games, workshops, and cyber challenges. Anyone interested in the riveting world of technology, fraud, and security will find this event illuminating.

When: June 25th – 29th

Book Week

This ode to reading is celebrated all over the country, so you can find displays, book fairs, sales, and good reads anywhere you go. In Tel Aviv, you’ll enjoy the Disappearing Wall of Quotes; a novelty built out of wooden blocks with amazing quotes written on each one. Why disappearing? Because visitors are encouraged to take one as they leave!

When: June 11th – 15th

International Student Film Festival

If you missed the massive International Film Festival hosted in Israel each year, you can still enjoy some quality films, award ceremonies, and culture at the 17th annual Student Film Festival.

When: June 9th – 16th

Tel Aviv Triathlon

Notably the largest and most competitive event in the country, the annual Triathlon held in Tel Aviv. Strap on your running shoes, and be prepared to be pushed to the limits.

When: June 18th

Don’t forget White Night, Tel Aviv’s party to end all parties!

Need to get out of the sun? Check out these ideal activities for keeping cool and having fun even in the Israeli June heat!