The Fisherman Restaurant

December 2nd 2016

Dining at the Fisherman’s Kosher Restaurant is a unique experience.


The Fisherman’s Kosher restaurant is the only kosher restaurant in Jaffa Port, and is owned by the same family as a non-kosher restaurant, also in the port, by the same name. Fisherman’s Kosher has an indoor restaurant area with linen-covered tablecloths and an open kitchen as well as an inviting outdoor patio area shaded by large umbrellas beckons, allowing you to observe the life of the port and Jaffa’s neighborhood. There is background music and attentive wait staff.


Fisherman’s Kosher is owned by a family of fisherman who have been fishing from their own boat for many years. This assures that the fish is as fresh as can be – straight from the sea.

Appetizers include hummus, salmon carpaccio and sautéed mushrooms.

Main courses feature whole fish as well as fish and chips, red mullet, and penne pasta and mushrooms in cream sauce with basil. Side orders of fries or baked potato are offered with the fish dishes.

Dessert choices include malabi, cheesecake and chocolate mousse as well as cold and hot beverages. Fisherman’s kosher also has a bar with beer on tap, whiskey, and vodka.


Fisherman’s kosher offers a business lunch, available from 12:00PM-6:00PM which includes a variety of house salads and lemonade.


Appetizers range from 20-45 NIS, whole fish are 220-360 NIS, and other main courses are 65-120 NIS. Desserts go for 22-32 NIS, with cold and hot beverages from 12-30 NIS and beers range from 23-30 NIS.

The Fisherman’s Kosher restaurant is a great place to enjoy the Jaffa port and expertly prepared fresh fish.