Exploring Jerusalem’s New City

July 27th 2016

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and brimming over with history, legacies, and tales of awe. While the Old City is the most prominently visited area, Jerusalem’s modern development is also a marvel to behold. If you’re looking for a change of pace, then head over to the new part of town, and see all that there is to enjoy!

Must-See MuseumsNew City

Jerusalem is loaded with some of the greatest museums in the world, and they cover the spectrum from art to history and culture. Check out some of these favorites:

Yad Vashem: The world-renowned Holocaust museum is something everyone should experience to learn from the past and prepare for the future.

Bible Lands Museum: A fascinating insight into the life and culture of the multitude of peoples who lived in Israel throughout the ages.

Israel Museum: Spend a few days poring over the vast amount of history, art, and culture that is contained within the expansive Israel Museum, including the famous Dead Sea Scrolls.New City 2

Ben Yehuda Street

Ben Yehuda St. is a pedestrian street that is overflowing with culture, shops, and excitement. At any given time you’ll find strolling minstrels, flash dancing, and colorful characters. Visit the checkerboard for some incredible impromptu breakdancing, delight in the Jerusalem night market that’s filled with hand-crafted wonders, and partake in some of the best Israeli food there is.

Patchwork Quilt Society

Possibly the most fascinating sight in all of Jerusalem, though, is not the architecture, the history, or the street fairs, but the tremendous variety of people, cultures, and lifestyles that live side by side one another in an exquisite tapestry of civilization. This is Jerusalem’s crowning glory. From the hallowed streets of Geulah, to the prominent Rechavia neighborhood, to the colorful Nachlaot, Jerusalem has people from every walk of life living, loving, and uniting in the Jewish Homeland.