Ellen Binder

December 28th 2014

Touring Israel with Shalom Israel Tours last July was an amazing, life-changing experience. Yes, my husband and I were there during the conflict, and we learned first-hand the commitment of the Israeli people. Our perspective of life in the Middle East is forever changed. We could not have chosen a better tour than Shalom Israel. We visited every scheduled site, and in fact, we even opted to go to Bethlehem across the border. At no time did we feel threatened or apprehensive about our surroundings. Our guide always kept us apprised of what was happening and allayed our concerns in a very sympathetic and honest manner. “This is life in Israel.” Shalom Stark himself was always a phone call away if we wanted information or needed anything at all.


It is an excellent tour in terms of organization, scheduling, accommodations, etc. One of the best parts was our guide, Eli Dabi, an incredibly personable and knowledgeable man who was especially good with the children on our tour. For those two weeks, the people on the tour became a family, thanks to him.
If you want to get to know Israel, not just see it, go with Shalom Tours; you will not be sorry. I urge everyone not to miss the experience of learning about this amazing land, its diverse people, history and future.