December Events in Israel Not to Miss

December 9th 2016

December is upon us, but that doesn’t mean you must resign yourself to a dreary vacation. Israel is bursting with fun and excitement around every corner, even in the coldest months of the year. So, check out some of these awesome December events not to miss, and go home with stories your friends will envy for years!

Lord of the Dance


If you missed them in November, you’ve still got a few weeks to enjoy this sensational dance troupe live. Head over to Haifa, Jerusalem, or Tel Aviv to be amazed by the Lord of the Dance, and Irish dance production that has been running non-stop since its debut 15 years ago.

When: November 28th – December 18th



Come celebrate the capital city of Israel during this month-long festival that just celebrates life. Everything from musical performances to craft fairs and more will be found throughout these major events across Jerusalem. Get discounts on stores, hotel rates, and events every weekend starting in December.

When: Every weekend in December

Jerusalem Jazz Festival


Get a taste of that soulful music you love at the Jerusalem Jazz Festival this year hosting new talents, original pieces, and outstanding performances from local artists as well as international performers. Head to the Israel Museum or the Yellow Submarine Music Center to get into the excitement.

When: December 14th – 16th



It’s known as the festival of lights, and driving, walking, or being around Israel during December will certainly back up this claim. Everywhere you turn there is another string of lights illuminating the houses, streets, and shops across Israel. It’s a truly magical sight to behold. Additionally, you’ll be able to indulge in one of the most delectable holiday treats: sufganiyot. These doughy delights will make your vacation, so check them out!

When: December 24th – January 1st

Don’t forget the other holidays that fall out in December. Hit up these hot spots for a front row seat of all the excitement!