David Citadel Hotel Spa

February 10th 2011

What else does The David Citadel Hotel have to offer, besides bragging rights that you stayed at a gorgeous five star hotel overlooking the walls of the Old City?

The David Citadel, among other things, has an unbelievable spa that was carefully designed according to “Feng Shui”.  No, Feng Shui is not some hot-off-the-press famous interior designer. Rather, it’s a theory of decorating that, like the Jews, has been around for a very long time (we’re talking over 3,000 years ago).  Feng= wind and Shui= water. It was developed in China back in the day, figuring out how to balance colors and objects in a room, with the belief that correct balance will produce  the best energies, benefitting the health of those living within. The energies will in turn give the residents good luck. Or, in Jewish speak, good mazel.

So how does the David Citadel Spa accomplish Feng Shui? With a delicate integration of intimate scents, lighting, running water,  and relaxing music. And an extremely long list of all different types of options to pamper yourself silly.

You can try Ayurveda, a traditional Indian treatment, which uses hot sesame oil. Or Aromatherapy, which uses aromatherapy oils taken from the essences of plants. Or get a special 25 minute scalp massage!  Like when getting a haircut, only much better and much longer. Designed to rebalance your blood flow.  Or do Reflexology. There is even a special massage for pregnant woman.

For the skin, there are a variety of “peeling treatments”. Facials, manicures, they’ve got it all. Meditation techniques, etc. I feel more vitalized just thinking about it. But do more than think, go! Treat yourself to the finest hotel spa in all of Israel.

To check out the David Citadel Spa, go to http://www.thedavidcitadel.com/Hotel.aspx?CatID=536