Dag Al HaDan Restaurant

February 17th 2014

While touring Israel’s north, don’t miss the Dag Al HaDan restaurant, a worthy destination unto itself. Particularly known for its gourmet trout dinners served streamside, the Dag Al HaDan restaurant is surrounded by the Dan and Hazbani streams, the main tributaries of the Jordan River. Located in Kiryat Shemona in the Upper Galilee, Dag Al HaDan is a perfect place to stop on your way to or from the Banias Falls Nature Reserve or Tel Dan.

The restaurant was literally built along the Dan River, so you’ll dine in the open air, on picturesque stilted decks alongside babbling streams filled with swans, ducks, peacocks and fish swimming beside your dinner table. You’ll be surrounded by the delightful sounds of streaming water, natural rock formations, shade from fig and willow trees and dramatic lighting once the sun goes down. If you prefer to sit indoors, the stone and wood interior décor houses picnic tables, where diners can enjoy the freshest possible fish meals.

Combine your meal with a tour of the adjacent fishponds, the restaurant’s primary source. The most popular item on the menu here is trout, which you can order grilled, fried or baked with a variety of sauces. Your fish meal will be accompanied by Middle Eastern salads and breads. Lighter fare, such as fish soup and onion quiche, as well as beer, wine and other nonalcoholic drinks are also on the menu. On the weekends, brunch options include eggs, cheeses and, of course, smoked fish.

Dag Al Hadan is a dairy restaurant without kosher certification. Lunch is served each day beginning at noon, and the restaurant remains open until the last dinner guest is satisfied. Groups of 20 or more should make arrangements in advance.

The restaurant is a bit off the main road, but it’s large, and the signage is clear and helpful. It’s known to be quite crowded on the weekends, and reservations are a must. As with all tourist sites, you’ll have a more relaxed and pleasant visit if you avoid visiting during peak times.