Celebrating Yitzchak Rabin’s Life & Achievements

November 11th 2016

Israel commemorates Yitzchak Rabin’s memorial (this year it’s on Sunday November 13). The fifth prime minister of Israel, Yitzchak Rabin was both a strong political leader and a military man who served his country and his people admirably throughout several wars and across decades. After his assassination, Rabin was commemorated with several honors and numerous memorials and museums were set up in his memory. Join the Israeli nation as they celebrate this brave man who stood for the ideals and values that make Israel what it is today.

Yitzchak Rabin Centerrabin-2

Located in Tel Aviv, the Yitzchak Rabin Center is not just a museum that highlights the life, accomplishments, political achievements, and untimely death of Yitzchak Rabin, but it also sheds light on how each of these points can be a lesson for the ages about Zionism, democracy, and social cohesion. The Israel Museum is a section of the center that tourists flock to for its fascinating exhibits, stunning artwork, and historically significant findings.

Leah Rabin Hallrabin-3

Another feature of the center is the impressive Leah Rabin Hall. This auditorium stands at the heart of Rabin Center. Used for cultural events, conferences, and fascinating exhibits, the Leah Rabin Hall offers a stunning view of the surrounding hills.

Yitzchak Rabin Parkrabin-4

Spanning roughly 3750 acres, the Yitzchak Rabin Park is situated in the Shaar HaGay region and spans from Nachshon and Bekoa all the way into Jerusalem’s Breakthrough Memorial (hugging the Shoresh interchange).

Families and tourists will love this beautiful park with its luscious greenery, spacious grounds, and breathtaking views. Travelers can walk along the paths through both nature trails and archeological sites, seeing historical monuments and invigorating natural features. Don’t forget to pack a good lunch because there are picnic areas all over the park!

Yitzchak Rabin was responsible for several economic and social reforms in Israel today, and he played a major role in privatizing many businesses that previously had strong monopolies that were choking the economic development of the country. Celebrate his memory with a visit to the Rabin Center in Tel Aviv or walk around the park in his honor. While you’re in the area, check out these top Tel Aviv tourists sites as well.