Jazreel Valley Tour Sites

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Kfar Kedem

Kfar Kedem Talmudic VillageKfar Kedem is a recreated ancient village in the Galilee that enables visitors to actually relive the past through this amazing experience. Visitors enter Kfar Kedem and can dress up as a shepherd from the ancient times, plow recreated fields, and then bring in the harvest to the threshing floor in the […]

Beit Shearim

Visitors to Israel are often amazed by the juxtapositions of ancient and modern that define their tour experiences. With findings dating back to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th centuries, Beit She’arim National Park definitely falls on the ancient side of the continuum. Located approximately 12 miles east of Haifa, Beit She’arim is best known for […]

Beit Shean Ruins

Located in Northern Israel where the Jordan River Valley and the Jezreel Valley meet, Beit She’an is one of Israel’s most ancient cities – no small feat in a nation known for its antiquities. Scholars believe that the history of Beit She’an goes back 5,000 years. After many centuries of conquest, earthquakes and rebuilding, today, […]

Tomb of Yehuda Nesia

The great Rabbi Yehuda Nesiah, who is the grandson of the famous Rabbi Judah the Prince (R. Yehuda HaNasi), was head of the Sanhedrin in Tiberias and lived from 230 to 270. Yehuda Nesiah was famous for reconciling opinionated sages to stress the importance of Torah education. The tomb was built during the Roman period […]

Zippori National Park

What was once home to over 40,000 people, including rabbis, Romans and Hellenized Jews, is now a vast archeological site at Zippori National Park in the Lower Galilee. The great Jewish court known as the Sanhedrin was located in Zippori and her most important resident was Rabbi Judah HaNasi, compiler of the Mishnah, a central […]