Golan Heights Tour Sites

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Second Lebanon War Memorial near Kibbutz Kfar Giladi

Kibbutz Kfar Giladi is located along Israel’s border with Lebanon, above the Hula Valley. The story behind the Second Lebanon War Memorial located nearby is connected to the story of what happened there in 1920. The Battle of Tel Chai, considered the very first battle in the Arab-Israeli conflict, took place on March 1, 1920 […]

Mitzpor Eitan Memoriel & Lookout

A moving memorial to a Moshav Ramot Naftali resident slain in Lebanon in 1999, Mitzpor Eitan overlooks the Galilee’s picturesque Hula Valley, with the peaks of the Golan Heights visible beyond. Visitors to Israel quickly learn how the State of Israel has been forced to defend her very existence over the course the country’s entire […]

Mitzpe Shalom Lookout in the Golan

Mitzpe Shalom, also known as Peace Lookout or Peace Vista, offers what is hands-down the most spectacular view you’ll find in Israel’s Southern Golan. Located next to Kibbutz Kfar Haruv, from here you can readily spot the coastline of the entire Kinneret (Sea of Galilee). Across the Kinneret lies the city of Tiberias, easily viewed […]

Beresheet Appl Farm Tour Golan Heights

When it comes to agricultural tourism in Israel, it’s all happening in the lush green orchards of the Golan. A great place to start your fruit expeditions is at the Beresheet Visitors’ Center, adjacent to the Perot HaGolan fruit packing house near kibbutz Merom Golan. Beresheet is the largest fruit packing house in Israel and […]

Tel Chai Court

For those interested in the history of the British Palestine Mandate era, which spanned from the end of World War I until the founding of Israel in 1948, the Tel Chai Court and Museum is a must-see. Located in Kibbutz Kfar Giladi in the Upper Galilee, the museum tells the story of the famous battle […]

Mount Bental IDF Bunker Lookout

Mount Bental, which rises to nearly 4000 feet above sea level, offers extraordinary panoramic views of the northeastern Golan Heights and beyond. From the top of Mount Bental, participants in tours of northern Israel can see the entire Golan and also a significant distance into the neighboring country of Syria. Visitors can also catch a […]

Kibbutz Misgav-Am Lookout Point

Located on a peak overlooking the Upper Galilee and well beyond, Kibbutz Misgav-Am and its renowned Lookout Point offer jaw-dropping vistas and poignant context. Kibbutz Misgav-Am was founded on November 2, 1945, when a group of young soldiers climbed from nearby Kibbutz Kfar Giladi to the very top of Naphtali Mountain and established the new […]

Avital Volcanic Park

Even if you’ve been all around Israel, you probably haven’t been to the Avital Volcanic Park yet. Newly opened in March of 2013, the Avital Volcanic Park is a dormant geological volcanic site in the Golan Heights, not far from Israel’s border with Syria and about a 40-minute drive from Tiberias. The Avital Volcanic Park […]

Hula Nature Reserve

The Hula Nature Reserve is an important wetland home for tens of thousands of aquatic birds covering over 60,000 dunams (15,000 acres). This impressive nature reserve project began in 1951, and continues to provide an important resting place for migrating birds such as the cranes, pelicans, storks, egrets and cormorants. The Hula Valley also shelters […]

Yehudiya Forest Nature Reserve

Experience the beauty of the Yehudiya Forest Nature Reserve, a green area covering 16,500 acres lying at the center of the Golan Heights. You can wander through the Yehudiya Forest and enjoy the impressive landscape of towering Mt. Tabor oaks mixed with other species of trees. The reserve is home to a variety of fauna […]

Meshushim Pool in the Yehudiya Nature Reserve

If you’re headed to the Golan Heights, make sure to stop at the beautiful Meshushim Pool, part of the Yehudiya Forest Nature Reserve. Meshushim means “hexagons” in Hebrew, a tribute to the remarkably-shaped basalt pillars that line the cool, clear pool. Amazingly, the geometric landscape results from layers of lava slowly cooling through the ages. […]

Katzrin Talmudic Village

At Katzrin you’ll receive a one-of-a-kind tour of the reconstructed ancient Talmudic village. As you walk through the paths, you will encounter a restored courtyard, kitchen, living room, pantry and bedroom. The region’s farmers continue to use many of the daily objects which have all been mentioned in the Talmud, which are also on display […]

Ancient Katzrin Park

Ancient Katzrin Park features a third century Jewish village modeled after Talmudic times, including a dwelling with domestic artifacts that were used during the year, as well as a reconstructed early synagogue. The synagogue is made of basalt and was used for hundreds of years until it was destroyed by an earthquake. It is said […]

The Valley of Tears

The Valley of Tears is home to one of the bloodiest battles during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Located between a stretch of valley between Mount Hermon and Mount Bental, this area was the site of one of the largest tank battles in Israeli history. The Syrians attacked the Israeli 7th Armored Brigade with over […]

Gamla National Park

Gamla was an ancient city located in the Golan Heights and is known as the Massada of the north. In this location, during the period of the Second Temple, the Jews of the area fought against the Romans until their demise during The Great Revolt. Today Gamla is the scene of a massive archeological site, […]

City of Katzrin

The City of Katzrin was established in 1977 and is the largest Israeli settlement located in the Golan Heights. Individuals can visit the Katzrin Ancient Village which displays the archeological findings of a Jewish agricultural village around during the Mishnaic period that was destroyed in the Golan earthquake of 749, including an ancient synagogue and […]

Tel Hazor National Park

Tel Hazor National Park is located between Metula and Rosh Pina. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this national park is home to one of the most significant cities in ancient times due to its designation as a major trade route in the Near East. Tel Hazor is also rich in biblical history, as the land […]

Jordan River Rafting

Jordan River Rafting is a tourist complex where anyone can take part in water sports and tourism. All events take place along the 12 miles of the Jordan River with turbulent water and falls. The rafting complex is located near the Golan Heights, right by Kibbutz Gadot. Jordan River Rafting offers an assortment of recreational […]

Manara Cliff Cable Car & Mountain Slide

Since its opening in 1998, Manara Cliffs has hosted more than one million visitors from all around Israel and all around the world. Located in the Galilee, between Rosh Pina and Kiryat Shemona, Manara Cliffs is a fun vacation destination for the whole family, thanks to alpine sliding, a cable car cruise, a clinbing wall, […]

Agamon Ha-Hula

The Agamon HaHula, which means “Little Hula Lake” is situated in the southern region of the Hula Valley and attracts a variety of birds to the wetlands and is considered a very prominent bird watching site. Visitors are able to learn about the migration, courting, and nesting of the birds, as well as other animals […]