Arthur Kohen

July 8th 2012

Dear Shalom, We had a wonderful trip and everything was perfect. The hotels were wonderful. Our driver and guide made us feel that we were in our home. They explained what we were looking at and the story of where we are. We saw so munch and learned a lot.


The people of Israel have done so much in the last 60 years you should all be very proud of your country. As an american Jew we all felt we were in our home country and we feel much closer to the state of Israel and its people.


Thank you for setting everything up for us and making the two week a trip of a trip of a life time. EVERYTHING WAS WONDERFUL no problems came up I just wish time did not go so fast.  We would like to come back home to Israel in the future. There is go much to see of Israel and two week is not enough time.  Thank you again!  Arthur Kohen